Only 4% of the alleged membership of the secretive group created to take American’s civil right had the courage to be publicly identified, and it was only because they are two-bit attention whores seeking to bolster their do-nothing, going-nowhere political careers.

They are persistent, much like rats in the big city, not only in their destructive (to freedom) work, but also in their procreation.

Paid anti-gun lobbyists have created a(nother) new gun grabbing group to strip Americans of their God-given rights.  The American State Legislators for Gun Violence Prevention group is new.  Really new.  Their website was registered December 5th.

Interestingly enough, they must not have a lot of confidence they will be around for long, because they only registered the domain for a single year.

Creation Date: 2014-12-05T02:16:19Z
Updated Date: 2014-12-05T02:16:20Z
Registry Expiry Date: 2015-12-05T02:16:19Z

This new group claims 200 members from state legislature across America, but only4% had the courage to appear in public at the inaugural press conference announcing the creation of the group.  The rest of the membership is “secret”.  Why are they so secretive?

Because they fear the political backlash of their unpopular beliefs and views.

And the 4% who showed up?  They are nothing but two-bit attention whores seeking camera time to advance their going-nowhere, doing nothing political careers.

These people are craven political hacks.

But it does further illustrate the change in tactics of the gun grabber leftists who seek to control every aspect of Americans’ lives.  They have gotten nowhere at the federal level with their big efforts to ban America’s favorite rifle and every gun like it, and a host of other freedom-crushing initiatives, so they are moving to the state level to nibble around for some crumbs in state legislatures.

The secrecy of their membership goes a long way to showing how these political hacks are ultimately cowards, relying on deception and lies to hide their true political beliefs because they don’t have the courage to run on their beliefs.

(TRNS) – State Legislators from across the U.S. announced the creation of a nonpartisan coalition focused on gun violence prevention Monday.

The group, dubbed American State Legislators For Gun Violence Prevention (ASLGVP), said that they feel the need to take action seeing as, “Congress [has] failed in its responsibility to do something about this issue [of gun violence].”

“We are a coalition that is united by a common desire to find strategies that will work in our states, and that we believe will move the conversation forward and reduce gun violence across America,” said founding Assemblyman, and now chair, Brian Kavanagh (D-NY).

“We are not looking for, or trying to create, a one size fits all model…but we are committed to the principle that if we work together and if we learn from each others success and also from the challenges in our respective states we will do a better job,” Kavanagh said during a briefing at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C.

The group claims to currently have nearly 200 members from all 50 states, Washington, D.C. and Puerto Rico, but will not yet publish the list of members, fearing political backlash.

4 thoughts on “SUPER SECRET SCHEME: New gun grabber group brags of secret membership to take gun rights at state level”
  1. Wiki says there are 7,382 state legislature members in the USA. They got a whopping 200 to agree with their propaganda, probably after being promised re-election funds. And only 8 would admit to it.

    Not much to worry about, but like the other failed groups, they bear watching. I’m pretty sure we could find 200 elected representives out of that 7,382 that swear they’ve seen flying saucers (or traveled on them); and I know we could find more that that who couldn’t explain the Bill of Rights to a 10 year old.

    1. HEY !!!!
      Go easy on us old men that were abducted by aliens !!!
      I was abducted back in 74, taken toi the Ice Planet Hoth (They told me it was Alaska)
      I had to wear goofy green clothes and hump all over the planet on snowshoes carrying a blaster they called a 203 !!!
      I swear it happened !!!

  2. What a laugh this group is. the supposed 189 mystery members are hiding, if they even exist. surely they’ll be out in full force when the time comes, ha ha ha . I smell a ploy to get some commie sell out dollars from POS Bloomberg. They probably got started when founding ass and now chair Brian Kavanagh realized his life in politics is a failure and saw Moron Moms Need Action leader Shannon Watts dropping her drawers for Bloomberg dollars and figured he’d follow the same lame script….. get a gaggle of sheep and thumb sucking stooges together and start a ” group ” that promises to fight freedom and liberty in hopes that the senile old fool would part with some $$$. Mr Kavanagh, you’re an A**hole.

  3. the attention of ‘we the people’ should be on the politicians that enact law’s and regulations, that REQUIRE enforcement by the LEO’s ….taking freedom and liberty from ‘we the people’ is what the POLITICIANS DO…..they are the real threat to Liberty and Freedom…imho

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