Horrific jihadi attack in Sydney, Australia right now.

Raid the shop and kill the muslim hostage taker.

Don’t delay.  Don’t negotiate.

Nothing positive ever happens in negotiating with whack jobs.

He wants to meet allah.  Help him before he hurts more people.

Too bad nobody in the shop was armed to thwart this attack…

17 thoughts on “SYDNEY SEIGE: Don’t negotiate; storm the shop”
  1. Lucky for the followers of the child rapist pig waste that liberal gun control has made carrying and even owning a gun nearly impossible down under. again good guys with guns called to stop bad guys with guns. and once again….. the USA is a prime target of this of cowardly filth, ALWAYS be armed ALWAYS.

    1. At least in Oz children don’t get killed… the only situation i would use a gun in is to attack a tyrannical government. 😀

  2. One “gunman”. Foxnews says at least 13 hostages, but CEO says 40-50 people inside store. But only one jihadi scum.


    Yeah … gun control is awesome, huh?

    1. There’s one thing that always seems to get you weirdos in a row, it’s that he is in his version of heaven right now…

  3. There’s an organization over there called “We Can’t Carry Guns to Save Life Because We Let the Government Take Away Our God Given Rites and Now We Wait on The Cops to Protect Us”. Heck of a long name, isn’t it? They have a web site where they exchange stories about how there’s too many guns in other countries like the USA, and recipes on how to cook kangaroo. I do honestly believe that there are some folks fighting to get those rites restored. Good luck mates, liberty once lost hard to get back.

    1. “Rites?” A type, nevertheless, an unfortunate one considering good people had to die to again appease liberalism.

    2. I have spent untold opportunities, using R-I-T-E, instead of R-I-G-H-T, I now stand corrected. Do I get any points for not using W-R-I-T-E?

    3. Yeah, because getting religion out of our schools and society have done so much good in this past sixty years, hasn’t it?

  4. As soon as you have the necessary officers together, go in now. Waiting and negotiating to “protect” the lives of the hostages is insane. That gunman went in knowing he would not get out alive.


    2. Then allow them the right to carry a gun to protect themselves from nut jobs like this guy, DICKHEAD. They were law abiding defenseless people whom we all know we’re valued.

    3. Don’t feed the troll … obviously a limp-dick sad-sack that can’t deal with reality. Enjoy the rainbows and unicorns, F.U.

  5. The best defense would have come from one unsuspecting hostage. A bullet in the back of the head. And firearms training would have increased the odds of success.

  6. Amen, Kid Wales.

    And storming the shop would probably have resulted in the death of one or more hostages.

    However, “negotiation” and inaction would result in not only the death of everyone there, but unspeakable horrors committed to each before their death.

    Good that this bed-wetting islamist died a nasty death. Hopefully they stuffed some bacon up his ass before carrying his corpse out.


  7. Too bad the manager didn’t get control of that shotgun and give Mr. Jihad an enema with it. Would’ve cleansed him of those impure thoughts.

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