Guns Save Life is proud to be one of the big sponsors for the rapidly growing HOOAH program in Central Illinois.  Healing Outside Of A Hospital is where local people host wounded U.S. servicemen (and likely servicewomen someday as well) for an all-expense paid trip to experience camaraderie and the great outdoors to help these wounded warriors heal mentally as they prepare to transition back into the civilian world after their injuries.

One thought on “Coming soon: HOOAH photos & story”
  1. I am proud to be a member of GSL because of their support of these types of programs which in turn, support our wounded Veterans. Anything that helps returning servicepeople who have been injured to do normal activities, that helps them to realize their possibilities, is a great thing. Being handicapped myself due to MS, I know that when you can structure your life’s activities to what you enjoy, though it may be a new challenge, psychalogically you have triumphed over doubt and depression. May God Bless America and all who serve our heros to help them live normal lives.

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