In the face of all of the protests nationwide over the death of a robber who tried to disarm a cop and a guy who should have followed lawful directions but didn’t and died an hour later of a heart attack, we wanted to take a moment to thank good cops who keep us safe from those who would turn feral and rape, rob and pillage their way through our society.



Sign over at the 33rd and Wallace construction site.

Image/caption via Second City Cop.

6 thoughts on “DEAR POLICE: Thank you.”
  1. Police do not shoot blacks wantonly, young blacks do; eg. Chicago, average, 30 every weekend. THANKS POLICE FOR YOUR TIRELESS AND FAITHFUL SERVICE TO BLACKS & WHITES!

  2. I’ll put my name on this as well.

    Thank you, police officers everywhere. For dealing with the rude and the surly, for the liars and the crooks, and those who would do the innocent among us harm.

    I’m sure the violence in Chicago and elsewhere would be much greater without police officers keeping a lid on things.


  3. To the two Sangamon County deputies that took my case of beer away from me 48 years ago, I forgive you.

  4. Yes officers everywhere thank you. You have a tough job dealing with rude and uncooperative people. I couldn’t do it.

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