Gabby Giffords pandering for votes a few years ago while running for her Congressional seat. Way to point what looks to be a loaded rifle at the guy’s leg, sweetie.

Gabby Giffords’ “super” PAC spent almost $11 million in this year’s election races, trying to get anti-gun politicians elected.

How did they do?

They couldn’t even hold her former Congressional seat – that’s just how (not so) popular she is and how influential her “super” PAC really is.

So, after flushing $11 million down the toilet, what is Gabby Giffords now pledging to do?

Why, double down, of course!

Gabrielle Giffords’ group: We’ll push gun debate in 2016

(Politico) – Former Rep. Gabrielle Giffords’ anti-gun violence super PAC spent $10.6 million in the midterms and won barely won half of its contests — but the group is already preparing for 2016 and plans to get involved in the GOP presidential primaries.

The group, Americans for Responsible Solutions, faces a steep task: Gun control has hardly registered as an issue on the campaign trail, there’s strident opposition to possible restrictions from the Republican base, and the pro-gun lobby, led by the National Rifle Association, remains formidable.

But ARS is convinced it can change the narrative, and it points to its $250,000 investment in data and analytics in 2014 as a major advantage for next cycle. The group has already built a substantial voter file, including in the critical presidential states of Iowa and New Hampshire.

It’s unknown if Gabby is doing this because she needs the money – and shutting down Americans for Responsible Solutions would end her gravy train – or if she was really so mentally confused to believe more of the same won’t get a similar result.

She was shot in the head, after all, so we’re unsure.

4 thoughts on “DOUBLE DOWN ON FAIL: Gabby Giffords pledges more of the same for 2016”
  1. I think it is high time we on the pro-gun side stop referring to that group as Gabby Gifford’s group. We are following the lead of the anti’s.

    Giffords is brain damaged and can barely speak. The group was not organized by her. It was her husband, Mark Kelly. We should insist on calling it the ‘Mark Kelly group’.

  2. Who the hell is Mark Kelly?

    My point exactly.

    Hell, PeeWee Herman still has more name recognition than Mark Kelly (or Gabby Giffords).

  3. I sometimes wonder if all the anti-gun money being spent isn’t just a roundabout way to laundry money between people in the clique. There are an awful lot of media consultants and such in those groups.

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