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We had a secret squirrel fan of our site contact us with what he contends is the low-down.  He’s a government employee, “sympathetic” to Guns Save Life, working in St. Louis.

He said that yes, weeks back, the announcement really was slated for Monday at 2pm.  It was changed for a host of reasons, not the least being the fact that a whole bunch of anarchist-types came into town last weekend, and were excitedly awaiting the Monday afternoon announcement.  Their plans were to mimic a plague of locusts and loot and pillage their way through commercial areas near Ferguson.  Stores with pharmacies, liquor, electronics and, of course, urban culture stores were among the short list of intended targets.

The strategy of authorities was that by making the would-be hooligans cool their heels for a few days, they would run out of money for hotels and meals and/or wear out their welcome at places where they were squatting.  The weather has also come into the equation as well.  Cold temperatures make the fair-weather trouble-makers want to stay warm and Mother Nature gave the authorities a bonus they hadn’t anticipated weeks ago.

He didn’t share with us when the announcement will be made because he says frankly, it’s still in the air.

Doing our own analysis looking at the forecast, there’s a window of cold temps for the next few days, but it will begin to warm back up mid-week, so this current window of opportunity to allow Mother Nature to naturally discourage rioting will remain open for a few days and then we probably won’t see these temperatures for another month or six weeks.



Local authorities, including schools and churches, are encouraging residents to hope for the best, but prepare for the worst.  It’s all stuff that most Guns Save Life members already do as a matter of course, but many folks don’t have much of a readiness for emergencies.


Lots of folks have added “guns” and ammunition to their preparations.  There have been several stories about brisk business at firearms stores in and near St. Louis.

Cops have bought $100k in additional riot gear and residents have bought lots of guns.  Here’s a story about what just a single store has seen:

BRIDGETON, MO. (KMOX) – Gun sales are up across St. Louis since the shooting of Michael Brown and subsequent nights of violence.

Sales have quadrupled at ‘Metro Shooting’ in Bridgeton according to owner Steven King. He says sales have mainly been to men, but not all:  “Probably a dozen or two dozen guns to females, single mothers. We’ve sold to black people, white people. We’ve sold to asians who have businesses on West Florissant.” said King. “They’re just afraid of whats going on and they’re coming in to purchase either additional firearms or their first firearm.”

King says he’s personally seen the fear in their eyes and feels the sorrow in their hearts. King says he’s not raised prices but he knows that some are raiding their savings accounts, feeling that having a gun is that important.




by Sylvia Thompson

(Renew America) – Where are the white residents of Ferguson, Missouri people brandishing signs reading “Justice for Officer Darren Wilson”? There may be a need to bring whites in from other locations, as the blacks have done. Whatever it takes, but white people had better begin to show force and fight back against the ongoing destruction of all that has been achieved in the racial arena in America. Gains made over many decades by many Americans, both black and white. Conservative blacks cannot fight this fight for you. You must fight it.

Yes, I am black, descendant of slaves, reared under Jim Crow segregation, and all that minutiae, but I am also extremely tired of the “somebody else is the cause of my problems” mentality engrossing too many black people. A mentality that elitists Barack Obama and Eric Holder have preyed upon throughout their miserable careers.

Understand this, folks, if you glean nothing else from the madness going on in Missouri. Eric Holder is in Ferguson, at the behest of Obama, for the express purpose of subverting justice. That is what these two despicable men do subvert justice, so as to perpetuate divisiveness and hatred among blacks and whites. I am not a psychologist, but a good reader of human nature, and I detect that Holder’s twisted ego is stroked mightily by all those non-elite blacks fawning over his presence. The “activist” Attorney General is their savior; he will see that the white man suffers, guilty or not.

I recently caught a glimpse of Holder on TV working a group of blacks as if he were one of them. He is not. He is elite and privileged, and these black masses mean nothing to him (or to Obama), other than in the furtherance of a leftist agenda. If these agitators can be coaxed to the poll booths, they will vote Democrat. Never mind that Obama and the Democrats are the reason for much of their economic and social woes.
I am becoming fed-up with the response (or lack thereof) that so many whites display in face of the criminal behavior of so many blacks. I have had it up to my brow with “political correctness” and “white guilt.” I am even becoming increasingly irritated by conservative spokespeople, such as Rush Limbaugh, who, although in satire, displays a defeatist attitude toward black racism.
Limbaugh will often say “You cannot say that…” or “We will never be absolved of guilt…,” in what he characterizes as satire. I understand what he is doing, but I sense that as a white person, he may use this tactic out of fear. Genuine fear of taking on the racists. Or perhaps fear that without satire he might provoke real action on the part of his millions of listeners, and he does not want that responsibility. I am unclear about his motives, but I do know that it is time for oppositional clarity, no satire.
Circumstances are much more dire since Obama was foolishly placed into the Presidency and Congress foolishly accepted his nomination of Eric Holder for Attorney General. These two men are leading the destruction of this nation, and that reality is dead serious. All conservative spokespeople and people in positions of leadership should be rallying Americans to fight these men.
When blacks begin tearing down a city (any city), whites should be supportive of the police (in their full, military hand-me-down gear), encouraging them to overrun, apprehend, and detain everybody on the street. And for those committing crimes, treat them as criminals and stop the crime. If that means killing people, so be it. That is the way the police would treat a mob of marauding whites. Safety of the police force should be paramount.
Ignoring the bad-asses and criminals (because of perceived grievances) has done nothing but terrorize decent citizens of all races in large inner cities. That lunacy must stop.
Policing is a dangerous occupation and given the police officer’s task of confronting crime and protecting the rest of us from criminals, sometimes violence and killing is necessary. I will give any cop the benefit of the doubt over any suspected crook, whatever his color, until I am given evidence to think otherwise.
It behooves the rest of America to do the same. Or, I say police should refuse to work in areas where they are put upon by small-minded politicos, such as the Democrat governor of Missouri, Jay Nixon, and race-mongering law officials like Eric Holder. Police officers have unions; they should demand that bosses support the boycotting of hell-holes such as Ferguson, if they are to be demeaned.
One final note, ignore the libertarian scare mongering about “militarized police.” Libertarians tend to be elites who live nowhere near inner-city communities. They are more likely to be in gated facilities or areas so financially set that crime is something they experience only in the news. They have the luxury of whining about how the police are equipped; the rest of us just want them equipped at their best, and armed to the teeth.



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  1. Like a storm ? like a storm that wants to rape your wife and kick your face in after it loots and burns your home ? not one mention of the best way to prevent or minimize the storm, A GUN. there is no way to keep an F5 tornado from hitting your property but there is a way to keep this ” storm ” from destroying you and yours.

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