Meet Arslan Khan. He’s the anarchist behind Anonymous’ Operation Ferguson. From Pakistan.

So, it’s a young kid from Pakistan who is running the Anonymous “Operation Ferguson” twitter account which has been doing its best to gin up looting and anarchy when the grand jury announcement clearly Officer Darren Wilson comes down in the coming days.

By the way, Robert Farago at The Truth About Guns says the announcement will come this Friday.  We’ll see.

From the Conservative Treehouse:

HatTip Tempest:  The Twitter Username (“Anonymous”) @OpFerguson is the originator of the website  The website is attached to an email address   That email is owned by a well groomed millennial in Pakistan named Arslan Khan.

The evidence trail?





3 thoughts on “FERGUSON: Anonymous’ Operation Ferguson run by Pakistani muslim kid”
  1. My first reaction was, “What the hell does this smug little swine think he’s doing, trying to foment trouble in the U.S.?” But then, a moment later, my second thought was, “Oh, wait a minute – the U.S. foreign policy apparatus has been doing that and much, much worse all over the globe for decades. What goes around comes around, eventually. We have to be righteous before we can express righteous indignation.” We’re far from that state now.

    My hope is that we finally realize that all we’re accomplishing with the international meddling we’re engaged in is bankrupting our own treasury while earning (rightly) the mistrust of most of the world’s people. But, I think we’re going to see a period of harder times before the personality type that got us into this mess is made unwelcome near the levers of power.

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