Unhappy with the people who have put America in this pathetic economic condition these past six plus years?

Tired of the excuses from the White House?

Tired of the grand-standing from anti-gun politicians?

Upset about our nations porous borders, allowing millions of additional illegals to spill into America – including kids with exotic viral infections that have swamped our nation’s hospitals?

Angry about our nation’s pathetic do-nothing foreign policy – or its policy of appeasing enemies while castigating and betraying allies?  A “smart” foreign policy by an incompetent regime in Washington respected by no one and mocked by everyone.

Angry about an administration that runs guns to Meixico but works to disarm the entire American population?

Then go vote!


Not registered?

You can register at the polls.

Now go vote.

One thought on “TIME FOR PAYBACK: Go vote.”
  1. Conservatives, the polls are open for you today.

    Democrat voting begins tomorrow at your local precincts.

    You’re welcome.

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