Stop the Violence members demonstrate against gun violence in Washington, PA. The arrow points to a woman who might be the one arrested for beating her room-mate nearly to death.

Why are anti-gun / anti-violence activists so violent?

Could it be they don’t trust themselves with guns so they don’t want anyone else to have them?

Could it be there are just naive?

All we know is that they spew all sorts of nasty threats via social media at gun owners (here, here, here).

They commit home invasions (and shoot their criminal co-conspirators in the back of the head).  They are rapists.  Their leaders are arrested for domestic violence.

And now, an organizer and a member of the “Stop The Violence” group in Pennsylvania have been arrested – while still wearing their “Stop the Violence” t-shirts.  What was the charge?

They beat their former room-mate almost to death.

We’ll let the NY Daily News pick up the story from there:

(NY Daily News) – Two members of an Pennsylvania anti-violence group were jailed for allegedly beating a former roommate accused of breaking into their home until he vomited blood.

Nikole Ardeno sported a “Stop the Violence” shirt as Washington Police officers arrested the 30-year-old organizer a day after participating in a peace march slamming recent homicides, according to the Observer-Reporter newspaper.

She and Emanuel Velez, 30, also a member of the group, are accused of kicking Joshua Magraff unconscious Tuesday only 20 minutes after filing a civil suit against Magraff for allegedly burglarizing their home to take back his belongings, Washington Police Chief Chris Luppino told the Observer-Reporter.

The attack that left Magraff hospitalized in critical condition…

If only their victim had legally carried a firearm for personal defense, then Sam Colt would have made him equal to Nikole and Emanuel.

6 thoughts on “ARRESTED: Anti-violence group organizer and another member arrested for violent attack”
  1. I don’t want any of these anti gun anti violence people living next to me . My town is dangerous enough without them! But it was nice of her to have the shirt on to warn others that she’s nuts and a danger to everyone.

  2. Be real careful engaging these types at rallies and protests. First time I saw these psychos in action was at the so-called Million Mom March down in Grant Park around 2000. Thousands of “anti violence” gun-banning mommies and liberals, 30 or so counter-protesters (i.e. us good guys). The fence and the cops were there for OUR protection: I saw two “anti violence” moms that had to be physically restrained by the cops to keep them from coming over the fence and attacking our guys.

    These people are not playing with a full deck of cards.

    1. Good advice J.C., Liberalism is a mental disorder and causes it’s followers to foam at the mouth with rage against anyone that doesn’t want to be a sheep.

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