A36-year-old punk in Dallas thought he found an easy, “white bread” pair of victims in a elderly couple Tuesday night, October 28th. Stories 1, 2, 3

Turns out the violent predator made a sudden, profound error in his victim selection process.

In other words, old age and treachery beat out youth and, in this case, lack of skills as the hoodlum knocked the elderly woman to the ground after snatching her gold necklace.  Her husband, a licensed concealed carrier, drew his gun and explained things in a way Mr. Punk never had them explained to him before – one round at a time.  BANG!  Ouchie!  BANG!   Ouchie!  Stop shooting me!  BANG! BANG! BANG!

The thug tried to drive away but became rather sleepy as a result of bleeding from his painful – oh, so painful – gunshot wounds.  He crashed and by the time police got there (take your time finding that “11” key on your phone when calling 9-11 in a situation like this), Mr. Bad Guy was no longer stealing oxygen.

The best part:  the elderly woman’s going to be okay, police released the victim with a pat on the back and the taxpayers of Texas won’t have to pay to babysit a dangerous turd for the next twenty years!

Whoo hooo!



10 thoughts on “CARRY YOUR GUN!: Grocery trip turns deadly for elderly couple”
  1. Please read the details of the 2nd story – it says that Texas law allows shooting at a fleeing felon in order to recover property. DO NOT attempt this in IL! Unless you are in immediate and otherwise unavoidable danger of death or great bodily harm, you’d better not be shooting into a car at the guy who just robbed you who is running away! This ain’t Texas, folks …

    Disclaimer: I shed no tear for dead scumbag, and this is a nice story. Just don’t try it at home unless you live in a better state than IL.

    1. Same in Washington, however it was unlikely that the old man either A. did not give a crap, or B. prosecuter turns a blind eye. Either way, justice served on a pretty platter. :o)

    2. J.C. – Why should we not try do this in illinois? You mention “DO NOT attempt this in IL! Unless you are in immediate and otherwise unavoidable danger of death or great bodily harm” Does the attacker have to be using a weapon on the victim? Can’t great bodily harm be done with just a persons hands? Im new to site and looking for help with defending myself & kids.

    3. ACC – In this case the attacker was fleeing the scene, and not a threat to the elderly man or his wife. So use of deadly force is not justified in many states. However, if the attacker was shot in the process of attacking or grabbing the wife that’s totally different. Your best bet is to read up on your local laws so you know your rights

    4. One final word regarding Texas. At the start we said, “In no state may you shoot someone committing a crime against property”. Texas statute Penal Code 9.41 explicitly makes it legal to shoot a thief if they are on your property stealing something at night. Do not believe this! Texas courts have consistenty defied this law and imprisoned those who followed it. We discuss this in a separate essay.

  2. I may be wrong but I prefer to carry my 1911 in the open and I use amo for self defense one shot to the chest and they are history! I really think that criminals think twice when they know that there life could end if they try and commit a felony in Mississippi you have the right to stop a felony from being committed under our castle law and have been thanked more than one time by store clerks for just being there when thay were about to be robbed.

    1. I hope you dont actually believe that one shot to the chest form a .45 is a sure stopper. Have been cases of perps shot numerous times to the chest and head and keep going. Drugs and adrenaline can do amazing things. Tired of people acting like their might .45 is going to cut someone in half with one shot.

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