The National Rifle Association, the civil rights organization founded in 1873 that strikes fear and loathing into those who oppose God-given rights, has announced ad buys in a host of markets.

The Politico reports the NRA will be spending over $11 million in a host of tight races nationwide, supporting gun rights allies and punishing those who have voted for or signed restrictive gun control measures.  In Washington State, money is being spent not only to defeat the ballot initiative Michael Bloomberg, Bill Gates and other billionaire nanny-state advocates are spending millions to pass, but also to punish some anti-gun politicians deemed vulnerable.

(The Politico) – The National Rifle Association has reserved $11.4 million for its initial fall advertising campaign and will begin airing its first TV commercials Wednesday in three Senate races crucial to determining which party controls the chamber next year.

The gun rights group, which outlined its fall priorities exclusively for POLITICO Campaign Pro, said it plans to spend much more than the initial outlay during the final weeks before the midterm elections.


Colorado’s Democrat Governor John Hickenlooper is also the beneficiary of $1.3 million in NRA love, and more ads will run in Arkansas, Colorado, North Carolina, Georgia, Kentucky, Iowa and Louisiana.

10 thoughts on “GONE BIG: NRA splashes millions into contested races”
    1. No. State rep and senator are in play. Other state offices are in play. But this is IL and Durbin is a shoe-in. Of course you should vote for Oberweiss, but he isn’t going to win. And the fix seems to be in for Quinn, although I’d love to be wrong. (And NRA doesn’t need to spend money on Rauner … he’s got pleny of his own)

    2. That’s what THEY want us to do. Durbin is more vulnerable than most know. If we gun owners would just get over our defeatist attitude, we could move a lot of them on down the sewer.

  1. Go vote.

    Plenty of men (and a few women) have died in the service of our nation to guarantee you the right to vote.

    The least you can do to respect their sacrifice is to go vote.

    AND to vote intelligently.


    1. …and early and often, like they do in Chicago, be sure to bring your deceased relatives too.

  2. Fox News reported a recently uncovered DNC strategy memo discussing a plan to suppress the conservative vote by spreading deliberate lies about conservative candidates to discourage and disillusion us.

    Nothing would make Obama, Reed, Pelosi, Durbin, Madigan, Cullerton, or Governor Potato Head happier than to have the good guys sit it out and not vote.

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