Beverly Carter, a real estate agent from Arkansas, kidnapped, raped and killed.



The Guns Save Life highway sign slogan above was initially posted on Interstate 55 just south of Pontiac, IL many years ago – within sight of the “Limestone” rest area.

Guns Save Life has over two dozen of these “Burma Shave”-style highway signs which proclaim pro-gun messages to travelers and commuters.  They are seen by nearly 600,000 people each and every day, 365 days a year.

A few months after the slogan was installed there, a flight attendant on her way home from Chicago was raped and murdered there – again within sight of the Guns Save Life highway signs.  The terrible crime was solved in large part because her attacker lost his cellphone and police found it under the woman’s lifeless body.

The suspect in the killing of Beverly Carter, Aaron Lewis, after police found him. He fell down onto the sidewalk. Repeatedly. (We wish we could report that he fell down, but in reality he suffered those injuries in a car crash. Allegedly.)

Sam Colt would have made them equal, but Illinois didn’t have concealed carry at that time.

Arkansas does have right-to-carry and Sam Colt would have made Arkansas real estate agent Beverly Carter an equal with Aaron Lewis, the man accused of kidnapping and killing her while she was showing him properties.  Unfortunately, it seems Ms. Carter didn’t avail herself to carrying a personal protection firearm while showing homes by herself to prospective buyers.

Deterrence requires more than a phone.

And decisions have consequences.

Carter’s attacker told police he selected her because she was “a woman that worked alone.”

Deterrence requires more than a phone.

(ABC News) – The man accused of kidnapping and killing Arkansas real estate agent Beverly Carter said today she was targeted because she was “a woman that worked alone.”

Aaron Lewis, an ex-con, pleaded not guilty today charges of capital murder, robbery and kidnapping in connection with Carter’s death. He is being held on $1 million bail.

Lewis, 33, admitted during police questioning to kidnapping Carter, 50, Pulaski County Sheriff’s Lt. Carl Minden told ABC News. Lewis did not admit to the slaying and did not provide any details about Carter’s whereabouts, Minden said.


7 thoughts on “UNARMED AND DEAD: Realtor killed in Arkansas by man posing as a “buyer””
  1. This is a tragic but stern reminder we can all learn from… get those you love armed and aware of what could happen in this world. may she rest in peace.

  2. I feel for this poor woman and her family, and don’t have even an ounce of sympathy for this perp. But there are plenty of common sense alternatives to carrying a gun, such as verifying client ID, showing the property with a partner etc. Though it is my constitutional right to carry a gun I would rather do some common sense planning instead. Not everyone is meant to be a soldier.

  3. I have to go with common sense on this one. My heart goes out to the family but who in their right mind and especially being a female would ever meet a male alone with no protection. In today’s time evil is out there prying on us all and especially on our children and women. It is time to wake up people and use common sense.

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