Concealed carry saves lives and deters crime.

It happens each and every day throughout America.

And now that Illinois has right-to-carry, it happens a lot more often in Illinois – even Chicago, home to some of America’s strictest gun laws.

You didn’t read about this incident in the Chicago Tribune or Sun-Times because it doesn’t fit the media’s template of irresponsible gun owners!

Last weekend, three gentleman from Central Illinois needed a stiff drink and maybe a change of underwear after their experience in Chicago.  Here’s what happened as it was relayed to us.

These three guys drove up to Chicago for one of the men to visit his mother who is a retired Illinois State Trooper and to do some big-city things in the Windy City.  The man who drove is a bit of a car buff and he drove one of his classic cars with a very nice (and pricey) custom paint job.

They parked on the street in what everyone believed to be a “safe” part of Chicago.  It was in front of his mother’s house, after all, and did we mention his mom was a retired Illinois State Trooper?

So they are visiting on the front porch when this young man saunters up and leans against the car.  The interloper was African-American, with pants that didn’t quite ride high enough to conceal his underwear.  He had an attitude and chip on his shoulder the size of a beach ball.

The owner steps down off the porch and asks the young man, in a courteous and calm manner to please not lean on the car.

The young interloper with baggy pants mouths off with a few profane words in a ghetto dialect and basically tells the owner to go self-procreate in a most unsanitary manner.

Seeing what was happening, the owner’s two friends come down off the porch to see what’s going on.

The owner asks one more time, explaining that it’s an expensive paint job and for the young man to please not touch the car.  The kid gets mouthy and profane, not necessarily in that order, and then reaches behind his back and is moving his arm up and down.

The car’s owner draws down, along with his two friends, just as this little ghetto thug produces a Beretta 92 with an extended magazine.

The thug, having seen Jesus and in a moment of supreme clarity and good decision-making, drops the gun.   The mom sees what’s going on and calls Chicago PD.

The neighbor, a Chicago Firefighter, sees what’s going on and calls as well.

Police show up, put junior in cuffs, take the Beretta 92 with the happy stick.  After taking some information and verifying the validity of the CCW licenses, tells the downstate CCW gents to have a good day.

In talking with the victims, they weren’t sure what the kid had in mind aside from carjacking a neat car for a joyride.  The gun was caught in the kid’s clothes and that’s the momentary delay that allowed the CCW guys to get their guns out before the kid had the drop on them.  Each of the men where shaking afterwards at what could have happened if they hadn’t been paying attention and had good situational awareness – and how lucky they were that the kid didn’t have a smooth draw.  They all were also darn glad they went ahead and strapped their respective guns on that morning and will probably do so without exception for the rest of their days.

Guns save life and thwart crime!

Thousands of times each day.


16 thoughts on “ILLINOIS CONCEALED CARRY WORKS: Attempted carjacking thwarted in Chi-town”
  1. just how many times a day this exact same thing takes place in Chicago but absent the CCW- and all lumped together as “crime”. A CCW doesn’t make something right or wrong. A CCW didn’t bring about this end, for it was simple exercise of ones own right that did so.

    Exercising your rights works. Bogus imposition of permission slips simply hampers and infringes what works. Championing CCW permits as if it’s responsible is just the opposite side of the Dart coin – it’s pathetic spin trying to uphold a false premise.

    1. So, “think now”:

      You would have me and my family continued to be disarmed because Illinois concealed carry licensing system isn’t good enough for you? It isn’t pure enough for you?

      Hey, have a giant F-You sandwich, you sanctimonious prick.

      Are you the same board member from Illinois Carry who keeps posting this shit? Why does Illinois Carry continue harassing Guns Save What is your problem, anyway?

      God, I wish they would ban your ass.

      My family would continue to be disarmed – as would the men in this story – if your temper tantrums had gotten traction in the General Assembly last year. While me and my family haven’t needed a gun to defend ourselves and our two kids with a gun in this past year, one or more of these three men might well have been killed if you had your way.

      So go “self-procreate” on your way to hell.

    2. I think you are missing his point because you are too blind with self arogance to see it! The point is you shouldn’t need a permission slip or CCW license to exercise a right! That license is nothing more than a defacto registration and a way for the states to take your money! Riddle me this joker, why are there some states that don’t require a CCW to carry? Rather just let their citizens exercise their 2nd Amendment right! Keep drinking the Kool Aid sheeple! Given your response, there should be a license for you to exercise your 1st Amendment right! By the way, I like how you want someone “banned” for simply disagreeing with your thought process. Reminds me of how the anti-gunner/liberals think! Ban what they don’t agree with! Is your wife a member of Moms That Need Action? You should take care of that! Or are YOU to busy “self procreating”?

    3. He does like to play sock puppetry.

      While he’s annoying, we’re not going to ban anyone unless they are outrageous in their comments.

      While Richard/Sock Puppet is objectionable, we’re not dropping the ban hammer on him.

      As for the Illinois Carry connection… not sure where Dyspeptic is getting that from. One of their current (or former) board members was posting some similar stuff last year, but I have no idea without looking at logs to know if it’s the same IP address.

      I will say that the content is similar.


    4. Not sure how I have been labeled a “sock puppet”, “objectionable” or a “coward” for standing up and defending a point or fellow poster. In the end I will still support this group and what it stands for, even if I don’t always agree with certain points or individuals. Semper Fi!

    1. Because of the fact that it contributes to being armed and ready, because of old illinois laws, most don’t carry at home because you have to store your weapon before you leave, and we are to feel the safest at home, at least for the most part.

  2. I’d like to know how this low life was carrying this weapon in pants that were being worn thug style. You’d almost need a tourniquet to hold it all up.

  3. That you think me and Richard are the same person.
    Paranoid much.

    John knows EXACTLY who I am and still falls victim to paranoia

    You know why we sound the same? Because there are LOTS just like us.
    Oh and I have never hidden – john said put a sock in it – so I did. Now the underlings complain about not knowing who it is? Nice play there john.

    Nothing I type is untrue. Feel free JB to post my given name – you have my permission to do so- when I do type anything that’s untrue. OR get busted with more of your games. Which way will you have it john? My name or not? PICK ONE!!!

    1. Don’t be such a coward ‘mr:sockinit,hilarious,thinknow agitator’ or whatever else you hide behiind, put your own real name up yourself! You are correct in that “you don’ need no steenkin permission slip”, after all the little thugpunk didn’t have/need one, so you just go ahead and carry without one yourself if you are so objectional to having one. I, myself, prefer to be “legal” under Illinois’ current law and work for the time we can get “constitutional carry” in this state, but you just go ahead and follow your “heart” and carry without a “permission slip”, and please quit whining about it!

  4. I would ask Mr. Multiple names if you were at the Gun Rights Policy Conference this past weekend? I was. And we heard from many different groups from at least 10 different states. Some of these states have what you would consider “great laws” with no permits and little red tape in order to carry. Believe it or not, there are some states out there that have a worse process than Illinois. As stated at least 1000 times on here, we all know the law we got wasn’t great. However, it’s a place to start. We have carry. Have you forgotten that? Or do you just like to keep repeating the same rhetoric trying to make GSL, John, and the rest of the board look bad?
    We have the LEGAL right to carry now. Is it the best law? No, not by a long shot. But we all also know that there will be no changes until there are changes in the leadership of Illinois. Quinn isn’t going to let anything new happen. Madigan won’t allow it either. So the constant negative comments from you are getting old and get everyone all riled up and then it all heads downhill. Everyone, including you, has a right to their own opinion. And, why hide behind the various names? Post your own damn name if you are so proud.
    GSL members, please do not let this man suck you into his negativity. He is as cancer to the cause and it only breeds more negativity. If I learned anything this weekend from the conference, it’s that there are a whole lot of good people out there fighting this fight. Heck, GSL even got a shout out from the representative from the state of Virginia on our road signs and “newspaper” as he called it. It’s a long road ahead for all of us and we need to stay focused on the positive and celebrate the victories like this story. This would have had a completely different ending had those 3 men not been able to legally carry.

  5. I was reading the newspaper today. We all know that Chicago has a crime problem and that fact is not news. The good news is that crime in the city is down about 20%. The bad news is that the number of shootings in the city for the first nine months (to Sept. 30, 2014) of the year is up about 5% and the number of people shot was also up (the two numbers are not the same). Illinois started issuing CC permits this year.

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