Indiana is going to an online-only concealed carry application effective October first.

Those who don’t have internet access or a computer should probably visit their local library.

Also, those pink licenses like the one pictured above?  Those will be a thing of the past for licenses issued after October 1.


Indianapolis, Ind. (Eagle Country Online) – Anyone who is applying to to carry a firearm in the state of Indiana, will soon require a computer to file an application to do so.

Starting October 1, the Indiana State Police will require an electronic firearms application process. There will be no more paper applications.

“The new electronic application is designed to streamline the application process for both the applicant and law enforcement officials,” said ISP Assistant Chief of Staff Major Mike White. “This system is designed to be user friendly and will make the process easier for all those involved.”

Also among the coming changes, firearm permits will be upgraded from paper to a more durable hard plastic permit starting October 1.

Those who need a change of address of a duplicate firearm license will also need to use the electronic version starting in October.

Gun owners with a currently active permit will not be affected until their permit expires. Those persons will then utilize the electronic version unless they possess a lifetime permit.

2 thoughts on “INDIANA goes online for CCW applications/renewals effective October 1”
  1. 1. Indiana has no concealment requirement. The license is to carry a handgun. Indiana does not mandate the method of carry, or the number of handguns carried (as long as it is yours and not stolen).

    2. The pink card will remain but it will have a different appearance and be made of plastic instead of facial tissue:

    Hope this helps,

    Kirk S. Freeman
    Lafayette, Indiana
    Director-at-Large, Indiana State Rifle & Pistol Association

  2. If I owned a gun shop in Indiana I think I would have a computer set up for people to come on in and apply no strings or charges on my end. It could be a great way to get some new handgun/ ammo / holster sales.

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