Chicago’s violent crime continues to run rampant, thanks in big part to that city’s long history of strict gun control which has emboldened criminals possessing guns unlawfully.   It’s far worse than most Americans would tolerate, but the residents of Chicago have become numb to it.

It’s so bad that not even off-duty cops are safe.  We’ve been treated to stories  of off-duty cops (Officer 1 2 3 4) robbed of their belongings, shot at and beaten.  Then there are plenty of other stories of regular citizens beaten by hooligans and thugs prowling the streets of Chicago – even areas thought “safe” by many.

Google “robbery sexual assault chicago” and you get 617,000 links.

Chicago’s violent crime impacts everyone, including innocent people caught up in the random violence as well.

And then there are savage criminals out on the streets of Chicago who long ago should have been thrown in  one of the Chicago Streets and Sanitation’s wood chippers.

Human debris like Aaron T. Parks, age 17, who cops say stuck a steak knife into the side of a pregnant Chicago State University student as she went out to her car to get some textbooks.

He raped her in the back seat and then locked her in the trunk and went about his business.

Oh, did we mention he was wearing a “home detention” ankle bracelet monitor?

It helped the cops pin him to the crime.

So, why was Aaron T. Parks wearing an ankle bracelet?  He was being monitored after a similar sexual assault in July.  And he was awaiting sentencing on a juvy case of armed robbery as well.  Like we said:  Aaron T. Parks, Wood Chipper.  Some (dis)assembly required.

He’s *finally* now being held without bail.



7 thoughts on “NOBODY IS SAFE IN CHICAGO… CSU student raped, locked in trunk by 17-year-old serial rapist”
  1. The ankle bracklet should have GPS location and electric body shock and C4 exposive option. Your thug nation members who know your wearing “one” will stay away from you personally.

  2. A one-legged rapist?

    Call him “Stumpy”?

    Or “Lucky”?

    Or “Peg Leg”?

    If he came to my house to pull that crap with my grand-daughter, they would call him “deceased”.


  3. What happens when a person carries a gun in spite of unconstitutional diktat not to do so because it’s “unlawful”? They are then a “criminal” and they are carrying “unlawfully”. What if THAT person, who has committed no other crime, uses that firearm to defend themselves against rape and kidnap?

    Maybe the real problem rests in the abhorrent claim that exercise of a right CAN be criminalized, can be deemed “unlawful”, in the first place!

    1. That’s actually a good question.

      Get yourself a good lawyer and argue you knew it was dangerous and that’s why you packed your heater. The fact you were molested simply reinforces that you were right about the danger and ask for an acquittal.

      More likely, in this case, the prosecutor wouldn’t charge as they couldn’t find a jury to convict a girl like this in a month of Sundays.

      Just my .02.

  4. Oh yeah:

    Give her dad five minutes with his scrawny little mope in the back seat of her car and see what happens. Justice will be served.

    And we’ll look real hard for the “11” key on our phone to call it in afterwards.

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