When was the last time you heard about the Michael Bloomberg, Moms Demand Action (go to a singles bar, girls), the Brady Campaign (to ban your guns) or Gabby Giffords’ Americans for Common Sense (or whatever vacuous name they are known by) did something nice for someone in need?

Oh, that’s right.

They haven’t.

Henry Repeating Arms on the other hand?

Get Well Grayson

Get Well GraysonHenry has  donated 100 custom rifles with proceeds to benefit Grayson Sutton, a 4-year old from Sedan, KS who has been battling Primary Pulmonary Hypertension since May. The disease caused her to spend 45 days in Denver Children’s Hospital during which she underwent a heart catheter, two lung biopsies, two lung lavages and had a central line placed so her medicine can be continuously delivered. Eventually she will most likely need a lung transplant. Grayson travels to Denver monthly for testing and medication updates.

The Henry Frontier .22 Lever Action rifle has been customized with a hand-painted sunflower, the state flower of Kansas, along with the script “Get Well Grayson” on the American walnut buttstock. The rifles bear custom serial numbers ranging from GWG001 to GWG100. Serial number 1 will be auctioned on www.gunbroker.com starting September 15th and will conclude Saturday, November 29th. The other 99 units will be sold by authorized Henry dealers (gun shops) throughout Kansas starting September 15th. The United Sporting Goods Company’s distribution outlet Simmons Guns in Olathe, KS will distribute the rifles to Henry dealers. Interested consumers should visit their local Henry dealer as soon as possible. The 100 Get Well Grayson rifles are expected to generate in excess of $40,000.

Get Well GraysonMiss Sutton’s family received nearly $10,000 from Henry Repeating Arms in July after a custom Golden Boy .22 rifle was raffled at the Chautauqua County Fair and Rodeo in Sedan, KS. That rifle bore the inscription: “Get well Grayson. We are all rooting for you. Ranch Rodeo, July 10th, 2014.” The serial number was Grayson’s initials and birthdate: GRS011810. The rifle generated $4,900 at the event and Anthony Imperato, the company’s President, also donated $5,000. Both donations were made as part of Henry’s Guns For Great Causes program. Imperato explains, “Our prayers are with Grayson and her family. It’s an honor to do whatever we can to help them get through this challenging time.”

5 thoughts on “HENRY REPEATING RIFLES STEPS UP: Donates 100 Rifles to Benefit 4-Year Old Kansas Girl”
  1. Simply awesome and props to Henry for helping. I bought a Frontier several months ago and can say the new owners of these rifles will be adding a real keeper to their collection.

  2. I have usually zero interesting in lever action rifles but I think I might pick up a Henry one day just because.

  3. An awesome gesture by an awesome American firearms manufacturer. Thank you Henry Repeating Arms Co. and may God bless Grayson and her family through her struggles with life. I love lever guns and especially the new Henrys, have a .22 carbine, but now have a greater respect for the company and their compassion towards those in need.

    1. This goes above and beyond just doing business in America, Thank you Henry Repeating Firearms Co., and, as Red Skelton would say if he could, “May God Bless!”

    I let many know of this amazing generosity towards this little girl.

    Odd that the “Mom’s Demand mob” doesn’t have any such AMAZING stories to be told on their behalf.
    I believe I need a Henry Lever Action… great quality and nostalgia.

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