Big-time billionaire Michael Bloomberg bombs against with the next ad campaign his $50 million jihad against gun rights.

The latest disappointing – some would say backfiring – ad campaign comes on the heels of his “war on women” television advertisement featuring a helpless woman calling for police while her raging lunatic ex-husband (or boyfriend) abducts her child and then kills her.

This latest series was created to pressure Kroger to ban guns in their stores.  The spots feature pairs of people standing nonchalantly next to one another.  One person has America’s favorite rifle slung across their body, the other is violating one or more of Kroger’s policies.

The fact that the policy-violators, including a teenage boy and a little girl aren’t the least bit alarmed by the person standing next to them suggests that open carry of a rifle is no big deal to them.

The latest Bloomberg-funded ad fails again, showing an unconcerned little girl standing next to a man with America’s favorite rifle slung. Photo via Huffington Post.


That’s the best they can do, even with the brains $50 million will hire?

What’s even more amusing is that a Moms spokesman said the Bloomberg’s hired ladies are spending “in the ‘six figures'” buying spots for the ads in Cinncinnati, home of Kroger’s corporate headquarters.


4 thoughts on “BLOOMBERG AD FAIL REDUX: Latest ad campaign backfires (again)”
  1. Interesting way to carry a rifle like it’s a satchel or a brief case. Could it be that the folks who put this ad campaign together don’t know the first thing about firearms ??? Say it ain’t so…

  2. Didn’t I read somewhere that Bloomie paid like 150 people plane fare, walking around money and hotels to come out to the NRA convention in Indy this year.

    And while they all came out to Indy, only what, less than 40 showed up at the designated time and place?

    With support like that, Little Napoleon is gonna need more than $50M to do something meaningful.


  3. I like the ad with the lady carrying an AR and the sweaty, hairy, shirtless dude beside her. Maybe it’s just me but I would be ten times more comfortable with the attractive woman with an attractive AR than the shirtless guy who looks like he just walked in the backdoor of a “To Catch A Predator” house.

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