Milwaukee Police announced that a licensed concealed carry holder shot and killed one of four armed robbers in the early morning of Labor Day, breaking up an armed robbery ring and solving a whole bunch of cases for cops in Wisconsin’s biggest city.

The robbers approached two men and demanded money.  They got hot lead from one of the would-be victims, resulting in one of the robbers falling DRT – dead right there.

It will probably not come as a surprise to you that the dead bandit’s comrades didn’t stick around to discuss the matter further and ran as fast as their little footsies would carry them and their poop-filled drawers.

How prolific was this gang of thugs?

Well, the dead robber was a 15-year-old “boy” – described by cops as a known gang banger.  He was no choir boy or gentle giant either.  He had been arrested for armed robbery, auto theft and more theft charges.  Seems he never learned to respect other people’s property.  The good news?  Hot lead has rehabilitated him 100% with no chance of further recidivism.

Cops hooked up five additional hoodlums who authorities claim are responsible for dozens of Milwaukee-area robberies committed over the Labor Day weekend.

As a visitor to Milwaukee myself over the holiday weekend, I’m pleased my wife and I never ran into this posse of thieves.






8 thoughts on “TOO BAD HE MISSED THE OTHER THREE: Milwaukee police credit CCWer for busting up prolific armed robbery gang”
  1. Why, I’m glad you asked that, KK. The poor young man, was just about to get his life turned around by attending classes for the new school year!


  2. And you guys criticize me for pointing out color?

    You’re REVELLING, GLORIFYING, in fact, in a HUMAN BEING’s death.

    Shame on you.

    Hey, Sam Whittemore, you prolific poster of low wit, someone beat you to the first comment, ha hah

    1. No Ken, They are reveling in the removal of yet another gangbanger armed robber, who likely would have killed someone himself soon enough.

      Revel on People.

    2. Yes, we are. The reality is that not all violence is evil.

      Those that would do violence to the innocent are committing an evil act. Those that would do violence in return to those evil men in order to protect the innocent are performing an act that is, for all intents and purposes, the root of civilized behavior itself: The strong protecting the weak from those that would prey on them.

      Your moral degradation that makes you think otherwise are part of why such predators continue to thrive. To act civilized a society must be willing to do violence to actively protect the innocent from harm. Anything less is uncivilized, and leads to further degraded and uncivilized behavior.

      So yes, I revel in it and glorify it. There is nothing more civilized or right in this world than to be willing to protect the innocent by ANY means necessary.

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