President’s Report

A gun renaissance


by John Boch
You and I are witnessing a gun renaissance right before our eyes – a rebirth and renewal of interest in guns and gun ownership like none America has seen in at least two or three generations.  I’m proud to say Guns Save Life has contributed in so many ways to this renaissance.

Restrictive gun laws have been struck down by courts and eased by legislatures, millions of Americans have become new gun owners and over five percent of Americans now practice right-to-carry as card-carrying good guys.

All fifty states have carry laws now – even Illinois!  May issue states are becoming shall-issue; shall-issue states are becoming Constitutional Carry states.  At the same time, violent crime has plummeted nearly 50% in the past twenty years.

America has recognized that good guys with guns save lives, including at primary and secondary schools, and more states are allowing trained and licensed school staff and parents carry guns in schools.

Thanks to public education promoting gun ownership and gun rights, more Americans are embracing the benefits of gun ownership while fewer see anti-gun legislation as a panacea to social ills.  Groups like the National Rifle Association, the Illinois State Rifle Association and Guns Save Life have grown dramatically and with our growth has come greater power to influence politicians and educate the public.

In Illinois, new gun shops are opening and existing stores are adding gun sales.  New range facilities, both indoor and outdoor, are popping up almost like spring mushrooms.  Guns and ammunition are generally available (rimfire .22 ammo excepted, of course) for the time being.  Firearm instructors are everywhere, as are classes for both beginners and more advanced shooters.

Guns Save Life has shined brightly these last couple of years in particular.

As I prepare to step down at the end of my term, I must thank GSL’s First Lady Wendy Boch.  She’s been a tremendous asset in her public role as first lady, one unlike any we’ve ever had before.  Privately, like her first-lady peers before her, she’s been supremely patient with her husband’s time devoted to GSL business.

Also, as a member, you deserve a higher place in heaven for everything you have done to help our mission.  Each of you contributes in some way big or small to our impressive successes.  Some spend hours each week with grunt work advancing our organization and the mission, others pitch in with insider information, a contact or a favor that seems minor at the time, but is instrumental in the big picture.  Others help with your membership dues.  It all counts, and without you we would be nothing.

It is truly impressive what Guns Save Life has accomplished in twenty years as an all-volunteer organization.  Our volunteers run rings around the people Michael Bloomberg hires for tens of millions of dollars.

A lot of our successes these past four years have been credited to me, but I didn’t do any of this by myself – in fact 99.44% of it was the great people working behind the scenes with me.  They have made me look good and given GSL the success Michael Bloomberg envies and desperately craves, but cannot buy.

I’m pleased to say that good times and good things are ahead for GSL after my term ends.

The board of directors has some plans to help us continue to grow and expand our reach and influence.

I’ll still be around as the immediate past president.  Wendy will be around as the immediate past first lady.  Both of us will help the new president, whoever he or she will be, transition into their leadership role for the next exciting two-years of growth and action promoting and defending our God-given rights.

Yes, our work is truly divine and righteous.

I’m looking forward to the future and you should too!  If you’re not a member, join today.  You’ll want to be a part of what’s to come!

God bless America and God bless Guns Save Life.

4 thoughts on “BOCH: A gun renaissance”
  1. A heartfelt thank you, to both John and Wendy, for the gift of their time and talent, in so many tentacles of the GSL organization.

  2. Yes, these are wonderful times. I was just talking to my wife about this a few weeks ago after presenting her a new (concealed carry) purse for her birthday.

    I fear though that the pendulum will swing the other way should one or more of my favorite Supreme Court justices fall ill.

    And thank you again, John (and Wendy) for all you do for gun rights and GSL.


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