Only in Chicago would 500 inner-city Obama voters turn out for the second time to march for “justice” after an 18-year-old crack dealer points a 9mm pistol at cops and is shot dead.

Here’s how it went down Sunday:

Chicago (ABC 7) – …Police responded to a complaint of armed men near South California Avenue and West Polk Street Chicago’s East Garfield Park neighborhood. When officers approached the men, the FOP said one ran into a gangway and pulled a gun from his waistband. When he was told to drop the weapon, officers said the suspect got into an elevated position and pointed the gun at the officer.

“One officer is chasing him going up the stairs, gets to the top of the stairs, turns and points a 9 millimeter at the officer,” Camden said. “At that point the officer fired, defending himself.”

The professional street pharmacist who pointed his gat at cops?  His name was Roshad McIntosh and his street name was “Lil’ Crack” – so nicknamed after the crack rocks he sold.

The first protest after the cops perforated Lil’ Crack was Monday afternoon:

Cynthia Lane sobbed over the death of her street pharmacist son Roshad “Lil’ Crack” McIntosh Monday afternoon.  Her son pointed a gun at cops and was shot dead.

NORTH LAWNDALE (DNA Info) — Dozens of people gathered on a West Side street Monday afternoon to protest the shooting death of 19-year-old Roshad McIntosh, who was killed by police Sunday night, allegedly after pointing a gun at officers.

Thunder boomed overhead and blowing rain hit a blood-soaked porch in the 2800 block of West Polk Street, where McIntosh’s mother, Cynthia Lane, stood outside surrounded by supporters.

“I want my baby, they killed my baby,” Lane said, sobbing.

Of course, none of these folks were on the scene in the abandoned building the dope dealer fled to in an effort to evade police when they rolled up to say “hi”.

That didn’t stop them from trying the Michael Brown defense:  He had his hands up when police shot him down for no good reason.  DNA Info continued their story:

But Lawndale residents, friends and family of the teen, say that they don’t believe police accounts. Neighbors rallied outside the scene of the shooting Monday to let Chicago police and politicians know they are angry.

Protestors said that McIntosh had no gun and that he was already on his knees with his hands in the air when police shot him. They maintain that in McIntosh’s case and many other police-involved shootings on the West Side, cops have been too quick to pull the trigger.

“They can’t keep coming into our community and killing our kids,” said Marcia Sloan, who helped organized Monday’s demonstration. “We have to unite as a community.”

Nothing came of the “rally” Monday afternoon so again last night, the dead, would-be cop killer’s mom Cynthia Lane along with Boo-Boo, Junebug and approximately 498 other fine, upstanding, productive members of society marched again to seek “justice” and change.

Folks mill about as Tio Hardiman demands justice and change, in the name of would-be cop-killer “Lil’ Crack”.

Again, all this in the name of a crack dealing career criminal who would have killed police to escape arrest.

Sounds like Roshad’s mommy is trying to gin up a wrongful death settlement from the city.

Here’s Roshad’s booking photo from his April 28th arrest:

And from his February 26th visit to the gray bar hotel:

Tio Hardiman, the domestic abuser (once convicted and once more recently arrested) who was once the director of CeaseFire Illinois (fired following his most recent wife-beating charge) and candidate for the Democratic nomination for Illinois governor, was at the head of the latest march.

Chicago (Tribune) – …Organizers rallied the crowd from one of the back porches with chants through loudspeakers like “WHO ARE WE! WE’RE CHICAGO!” Tio Hardiman, the former head of the anti-violence group CeaseFire Illinois, was one of the speakers.

“This is not about no personalities or no individuals,” Hardiman exclaimed through loudspeaker. “This is about unity…It’s time for a change in our community.”

They carried balloons and several posters including a poster referring to the man by his nickname, “RIP Lil’ Crack” to the building where a memorial was set up on the building’s rear porch.

We’ll believe change is really in the offing when Tio Hardiman and other so-called black leaders advocate personal responsibility, an end to the “no snitch” attitudes among inner city residents and for the law-abiding members to arm themselves against violent street thugs just as Detroit residents have been doing in recent years with good results.

In the meantime, protesting against the all-but non-existent problem of white cops shooting black men down for no good reason will solve nothing.

Remember, 91% of blacks murdered are killed by fellow blacks.




11 thoughts on “CHICAGO-STYLE “THEY KILLED MY BABY!”: Protesters seek “justice” after crack dealer points gun at cops and is shot dead”
  1. I’m not exactly speechless.

    You know, if it weren’t for that bastard Lyndon Johnson’s Great Society, we wouldn’t have such a “great” society where people like these live on the dole for their entire lives.

    Instead, they might be living in family units since Uncle Sugar wouldn’t be there to give them everything from birth to death.

    What was that Obama commercial promoting the benefits of cradle to grave welfare? Oh yeah, the “Life of Julia”.


  2. He was one of ” the Village’s ” rookie chemical engineer and expanding business man. I wonder how much contamination the gene pool has in Chicago.

  3. We pay for their housing, food, clothes and Obama phones. In return they hate us and abuse us of being racist. Please remind me – why are we paying for this?

  4. If they don’t know what a double negative is I don’t expect them to know the law or right from wrong for that matter.

  5. I have friends who happen to be black.

    Not a one of them look like these people, or talks like them.

    I haven’t asked, but I’d just about bet my friends didn’t vote for Obummer last time around, either.

  6. I’m sure next day he was about to turn his life around, go to college and become a famous chemist.

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