Pity poor Michael Bloomberg.

He just can’t buy a break lately, despite spending $50 million dollars to do so.

He can’t even buy a local sheriff in flyover country.

And now the Kroger grocery chain has told him to go pound sand in response to his hired underlings’ pressure to encourage Kroger to post their entire chain “no guns”.

That’s right.  You didn’t read about this at Bloomberg News.


As reported at Town Hall, Kroger said through a spokesman that it would continue to follow local laws regarding guns in their stores.  What he didn’t say was that Kroger didn’t want to needlessly alienate millions of law-abiding gun owners in America.
We thought you would appreciate some good news that had nothing to do with St. Louis!




5 thoughts on “100% WIN: Kroger tells Bloomberg to pound sand”
  1. And Kroger stores – and shoppers – will be safer because of this decision. Way to go, Kroger!

    1. The day I heard of Kroger saying “No” to MDA, I went to Kroger’s Fred Meyer to buy some ammo. I am considering buying a firearm from them as well.

  2. Finally a corporation with cojones. Way to go Krogers. Remember, you cant be safe but Bloomberg can with his armed body guards. Guess only the rich are allowed protection

  3. Gosh, and all this time I thought Kroger had no sense when they announced they were disarming their security guards.

    Seems they do have some sense after all.

    Kudos, Kroger.


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