It’s never a good day when bad guys bust into your home in the middle of the night.

The best you can do is to be prepared with a plan.  As they say, proper prior planning prevents p*** poor performance.

Those who eschew guns and gun ownership call good guys with a gun when the big, bad wolf bumps into their world.

Firearm owners are the good guy with a gun when Mr. Wolf comes  a-knockin’.

This was proven twice in recent days, in both scenarios.  (H/t to Miguel’s Gun Free Zone)

Case #1 is from San Antonio.  Cops say two men kicked down the door to an apartment at 3am.

Unfortunately for them, the gun owner retrieved his gun when he heard the commotion and was ready when the Big, Bad Wolf and his sidekick made entry.

The bad boys ran smack dab into a homeowner with the knowledge, skill and attitudes to use his firearm effectively to defend his home.  The bad guys scrambled to flee, but not before getting some hot lead supplements.

They ran out to their car, only to meet the San Antonio PD, responding to the home invasion call.

Talk about bad luck…

There was even more bad luck for one of the invaders, who expired from his wounds.

Sucks (or sucking wound) to be him.

Case #2 is from Miami.  A couple of guys were sitting in an enclosed patio when they saw three young, black males loitering suspiciously.   One of the men, a 20-year-old, went out to confront the boys, but ended up on the short end of the stick when the kids produced guns and announced a robbery.  They forced him back into the porch and as the boys were forcing them men into the home, they tried to close the sliding glass door on the punks.  The black boys opened fire, and the homeowner was shot multiple times, and left paralyzed from the waist down.

Police identified the boys as being 15-years-old.

Lots of lessons to take away from both incidents, not the least of which is to access your personal safety tool if you notice suspicious behavior.  It can and will save your life.

Or you can call good guys with guns to come show up and hope and pray they arrive in time.

9 thoughts on “BE PREPARED: A tale of two home invasions”
  1. In the second case, why confront them at all? access tool, be ready, and call the cavalry. Especially why “go out” to confront them?

  2. I think that identifying the poor lil Angel Traybone victims in scenario #2 as “black” is RAAAAAAACCCCCIIIIISSSSSTTTTTT!!!!

    Why you always pickin’ on de black folk, JB?

    1. We aren’t real big on political correctness here. At the same time, we have no room for crude off-color remarks demeaning anyone’s race, creed or color. Or sexual orientation or whatever.

      But I think you already know that.


  3. Good point, John N., but at the same time, it’s been said that all evil needs to succeed is for good people to do nothing.

    Yes, call the police. Get your gun.

    But sometimes a verbal challenge is all that’s needed to discourage hooliganism. Just make sure you have something to back up your verbal challenge.


  4. You are a willfully ignorant and racist piece of trash. I hope that someday you get your head on straight. Until then, you are a disgrace to civilized human beings.

    1. Soo…the guy from Maimi(who is now paraliyzed) is a racist??….Please explain……

  5. I dont think john will be around long. If he cant explain what he thinks without using more civilized words then he should be banished!

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