Ferguson, Missouri has seen violence escalate dramatically last night as so-called “protesters” – in reality just troublemakers masquerading as social warriors – hurled Molotov cocktails at police, looting and burning additional businesses and generally acted like savage hooligans.

If Sunday night’s arrests were any indication, the majority of the most aggressive troublemakers have come from outside of Ferguson for the opportunity to loot and riot.

Regardless of their home addresses, the rioting masses of black hoodlums are scaring a lot of Joe and Jane Sixpacks of every skin color, pushing them towards gun ownership with greater effectiveness than a million pro-gun public service announcements.

Headlines like this one from the Gateway Pundit have got to further shake the confidence of folks who don’t have the means to protect themselves and their families until help can arrive:

Sometimes people need a “Come to Jesus” moment to realize that they need to be proactive in taking action to help make sure their families are safe and protected.  In our society, people often take for granted the ability of police to maintain law and order.  There’s also the misplaced belief that police have a duty to protect the innocent.

Cops can’t be everywhere and when seconds count, cops are minutes away.

Yes, police may be busy in the best of times and when there are times like present day St. Louis, police might not arrive until daybreak.

Once again, be careful if you need to be in St. Louis for business or pleasure in the coming days.


9 thoughts on “FERGUSON: From bad to worse – riots intensify, cops escalate in response, locals scared”
  1. Only a matter of time before the Gov declares a state of emergency, Marshall Law and activates the National Guard. Then the real fun will start. How long do you think this “civil” unrest will continue, when the rioters are facing soldiers with M16’s pointed at them?!

  2. The police attacked reporters 500 yards away with flash bangs, tear gas and rubber bullets.
    That’s Bull sh*t

    1. Bill1:

      You’re gonna have to color me skeptical on that one.

      500 yards? That’s almost a third of a mile.


    2. The reporters were 500 yards away when the police began to tell ALL reporters to turn of their camera’s, the police then started firing flash bang grenads toward the reporters. the police then began chasing them through the streets and peoples yards at that time they began firing rubber bullets and tear gas. I saw the video. When all of this non-sense started the reporters in the video that I watched were 500 yards away. I didnt meant the police were firing rubber bullets at 500 yards. But the reporters were 500 yards away when the police decided to go after them.

    3. Don’t believe everything you read… A third of a mile away AND under fire by malatov cocktails and they are gonna worry about reporters cameras being on? You are hilarious!

  3. If you need a mask to do what you’re doing, then you should not be doing what you’re doing.

  4. Wonder how many Libs are out buying guns? Maybe seeing having a gun around is not a bad ideal.

  5. Good thing this stuff is happening on the west side of the Mississippi river isn’t it. ???

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