A favorite refrain from the left when someone criticizes Barack Hussein Obama is that the critic must be racist for attacking our President.

However, when Michael Bloomberg and the left attack a conservative, pro-gun black man – a genuine black man born and raised in the United States – there’s not a peep that the criticism might be racist in origin.

Yes, Bloomberg is directing $150,000 to buy ads to replace Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke from office and replace him with an anti-gun toady who will endanger the public with more big-city, soft-on-crime policies including attacks on the right of the good guys to keep and bear arms.  This is on top of over a quarter million spent by other liberal organizations to take out a successful black man running for office.


Who again is trying to keep black people down?


6 thoughts on “BLOOMBERG’S ATTACK ON A BLACK MAN: It’s not racist because he’s pro-gun”
  1. Read previously that he might run for mayor of Milwaukee, and replace the anti-gun idiot that is currently mayor, so this all may not matter.

  2. wait, i thought you couldn’t say “black” aND “obama” in the same post or you’d be called a racist on this website, and censored? What is this double-standard?

    It’s like ya’ll’re a bunch of leftists!

  3. That man isn’t black, he’s simply an *American*… by virtue of his actions and his politics, he upholds not only the law of the Constitution, but the spirit of it as well.

    This is also precisely why leftist, anti-American Bloomberg battles him. It isn’t his skin color that makes him a target, it’s his core beliefs that the citizenry and their fundamental rights by birth, enshrined by law, must be preserved.

    Bloomberg fancies himself a benevolent dictator and pretty openly discusses how he and his ilk must make laws to protect us from ourselves (64-oz sodas, for example), whereas this fellow loves freedom and promotes it.

    This isn’t a race issue, although the point of the article was really a tongue-in-cheek commentary on the inconsistent accusations and whining of the left, but rather, an American versus anti-American theme.

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