Robert Hunnicutt from Shotgun News profiled the happy aftermath of Guns Save Life spending the last of Chicago’s Gun Buy Back money to buy ammunition to teaching 150+ kids how to shoot safely.

We helped these kids establish a solid foundation for a lifetime of gun ownership, shooting enjoyment and personal safety.

Thanks Shotgun News!  Here’s a tease…

Shotgun News Gun owners find gun “buybacks” offensive, not least because of the name, which implies that somehow guns are being retrieved from the wrong hands and returned to their proper home, the government.

They do, however, offer some opportunities for creative fundraising, as demonstrated by the Illinois group Guns Save Life. If you’ve traveled the Land of Lincoln, you’ve probably seen their Burma Shave-style sign sets along the interstates and byways.

GSL carted a truckload of broken junker guns up to Chicago for a big turn-in day and netted more than $6,000 that it used to buy ammo for summer youth shooting camps. The GSL members had to endure some snarls from Chicago cops, but eventually got $100 for each gun turned in, and we are using “gun” here in the BATF sense of any metal object with a serial number on it.

Read the rest.  It’s a fun article about a positive endeavor.