Anton Chigurh escaped from custody today in Elgin, IL.

Who in the heck is Anton Chigurh?

Remember “No Country For Old Men”?  Does the photo above refresh your memory?

Elgin police were taking no chances in their search today for an escaped mental patient who was being transported from a criminal insane asylum.

They caught the unarmed man, still with handcuffs on one wrist.

You would have thought the insane killer from No Country For Old Men was on the loose by the way Elgin police responded with all their cool-guy gear for an unarmed man.

Here’s a series of photos from the Chicago Tribune.  We took the liberty of adding our own captions.

‘Cause you just never know when you’ll want to transition to your AR-15 from your stubby shotgun.  Or vice versa.  Oh yeah, got those extra mags on my drop leg pouches.  Isn’t this like cool!  Best part is the department paid for it!

“Yeah, I’d like extra Italian sausage, pepperoni and bacon.  Gotta have bacon.  Basically, send us a couple of heart attack specials, okay?  Thanks.”


“Yeah, I ordered a couple of pizzas a minute ago…  Make that a third one.  Sgt. Sugar Cookie just arrived and he’s hungry.  Thanks man.”


“Is this like cool, or what?”

“Yeah man.  They don’t even let firemen do this anymore!”

“No kidding.  Would you tell them to turn off the damn ice cream truck music though.  It’s making me hungry!”


“Whew, I’m pooped.”

“Hey, look alive.  There’s some civilians coming!”


“Yes, ma’am.  It’s really dangerous here.  You should probably go now.”




6 thoughts on “NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN: Elgin, IL police hunt for escaped mental patient”
  1. Wow, just think, if this is how they respond to a loose, unarmed mental patient, what will it look like when the order finally comes down to confiscate the guns??! Or worse, when Gov Quinn has to declare a state of emergency for some reason? Does the SWAT team respond to EVERYTHING now? How about a barking dog complaint? These cowboys are just itching for some action. I’m guessing because all that unlimited shooting they did in Iraq or Afghanistan wasn’t enough, huh! Hire juiced up adrenaline junkies with egos and God complexes, don’t be surprised at this. We are allowing the police state to become internal military. We only have ourselves to blame. But hey, show your strips, hire these former combat vets into these LE jobs and give them freedom to do what they want. Nothing wrong with that, right? Yeah, didn’t think so. Oh, and before anyone tries to jump on me accusing me of being anti-military, think again. I did my time in the US Marine. I am not anti-military, I am anti-police state, I am anti-tyranny and I am anti-CRAZY! Today’s cops are far more aggressive then ever before, primarily because they are actively pursuing combat vets (primarily Marines and Army). And it seems like they just can’t wait to use there “tacticool” gear and rifles. The cops have become far too dangerous. I do know that not all combat vets are aggressive. But in my humble opinion, after they did time in a war zone (especially more than 1 tour), they have no business trying to become civilian police officers, nor should be allowed. The stats are not in favor of the police when it comes to abuse, alcoholism and depression. I can’t imagine the memories of war somehow make all of that easier or better. Need to take your aggression out someway. Hence all the police brutality and other aggressive based complaints! Gear up folks, it’s coming!

    1. Well, they sure aren’t recruiting officers from the local dairy queen! I work in The LE profession and can tell you recruiters specifically target vets (Marines especially) for the job. Most departments I deal with have a ratio of about 85% or more of officers who are former military who served in combat areas. And for the “tactical” officers, most of them are are former special ops or infantry. JC is partly right. There are a few who never served, rather gained their prior “experience” from Xbox or Playstation and can’t wait to get into the fire fight. Either way, it is still a bad sign that LE is becoming an extended branch of the military. And this is coming from someone who was in the military and works in that field.

    2. Cops that I know who’ve served actually have their heads on straight, are less likely to want to “gear up” and escalate, and are more likely to be Oath Keepers. They tend to be with the program, so to speak.

      The ones to worry about are the young, call-of-duty wannabes that are inked up, juicing, raised in statist schools and liberal families, conditioned with the gang in blue “us vs. them” mentality … just itching for a fight and a chance to play with their tacti-cool gear.

  2. They need to put a .50 Ma Deuce on that turret and make it a revolving one. Those little old ladies get pretty testy in Chiraq you know.
    And I would bet that most of the Gung Ho wannabe Spec Ops operators are NOT war veteran’s but are of the same character as the muslims that attempted to kill our troops.
    They are mostly clowns with guns…

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