One wonders if Rolling Stone magazine, the long-time music industry publication that’s been facing shrinking readership, ad revenue and page size in the past decade, has prostituted itself out to Michael Bloomberg’s cash money with their recent jihad against guns.  It seems quite the coincidence that the floundering publication has treated us to  The Five Most Dangerous Guns In America, an epic Larry Pratt character assassination piece, and the amusing How to Beat the NRA In 7 Steps in the past week or so – coupled with a softball interview with Bloomberg himself.

But there’s more!  The online version of the dead-tree publication delivers an interactive America’s Gun Violence Epidemic page.

Did Bloomberg “buy” this jihad against guns?

It fits, nicely.  And they did “interview” him, after all.

Take the “Five Most Dangerous Guns in America” piece.  #1?  Pistols.

How good is their reporting?   Here’s their description of pistols:  “Popular among handgun-owners, pistols are defined by their built-in barrel and short stock.”

Yep.  Pistols have a built in barrel and a short stock.

Just like how Bloomberg’s new group was sending out graphics design work where entire cartridges were portrayed emerging from the barrel of guns when they are fired.

#2?  Revolvers.

#3 Rifles.

If you guessed #4 is shotguns, you would win a free ice cream sundae!

But what’s #5?


Oh brother.

Is this the best muck-raking journalism that Bloomberg’s billions can buy?

How do we, as freedom-loving Americans counter this simplistic, emotional appeal to America’s not-so-bright Americans?


First of all, don’t buy Rolling Stone and don’t visit their website.  (Notice that we haven’t put up any links to the Rolling Stone.)

Secondly, take a non-gun owner friend out shooting.  Infect them with the excitement and satisfaction of shooting by taking out, showing them basic safety and help them have a fun and memorable experience at the range.  Help dispel myths or misunderstandings about what guns can and cannot do (such as guns don’t just “go off” by themselves).  Once people are educated about guns, they are much less likely to be influenced by Bloomberg’s half-truths and misleading arguments against basic civil rights.

Third:  Join the NRA if you’re not already a member and a local gun rights group to help them help gun owners in general beat back bad proposed legislation and to help educate middle America on the proven benefits of firearm ownership.


UPDATE:  The Blaze posted some screen grabs of comments from readers castigating Rolling Stone for their pathetic work on “The most dangerous guns in America”.