Joe Biden.

Bless his heart.

At least most of the time he’s a somewhat likeable bigot, or creepy old man, depending on the day of the week and who he is insulting with sometimes crude stereotypes.

Joe “Combover” Biden in the 80s, left, and today.

John Walsh, of America’s Most Wanted fame, says that Joe Biden – Vice-President Joe Biden – told him that politicians in Congress are “scared shitless” of the NRA and referred to politicians supportive of our firearm civil rights as “tea baggers”.

Stay classy, Plugs.

At least Dan Quayle’s biggest gaffe was a the transgression of misspelling ‘potato’.

Joe Biden manages crude or bigoted remarks on a weekly basis it seems.

The mainstream media, of course, always gives old Joe a pass.

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    1. She’s just a little older than my granddaughter.

      She’s a pretty girl. Too bad she’s been drinking that Hollywood water.

      PS You better not be having impure thoughts about my granddaughter!


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