Rahm Emanuel doesn’t care.

It’s not his money.

He and his merry band of gun-hating Democrat Machine politicians in Chicago keep defending the indefensible.

And they keep losing and paying the legal bills for all of it.

The latest bill came yesterday:  $940,000.

And the same law firm is poised to collect another $618,000 from Lisa Madigan.

Don’t take our word for it.  Here’s Frank Main in the Sun-Times.

Gun-rights advocates have delivered a one-two punch to the city of Chicago.

The first blow came on Jan. 6 when a federal judge ruled the city’s longtime ban on gun stores was unconstitutional.

On Thursday, the second blow landed when the judge approved $940,000 in legal fees that the city must pay to the attorneys who challenged the ban. Charles J. Cooper, one of those plaintiffs’ attorneys, charged $975 an hour for his work.

Cooper, whose law firm Cooper & Kirk is based in Washington, is also looking for a big payout from the state. He submitted a $618,000 bill for work he and other plaintiffs’ attorneys performed in a gun-rights lawsuit against Attorney General Lisa Madigan.

4 thoughts on “ANOTHER DAY, ANOTHER $940,000: Rahm faces another big payout on gun lawsuit”
  1. Along as the “democrats and RINOs” can tax you, they have the ultimate loaded handgun against your head. Money’s not printed, it’s digitized for easy taking and spending wastefully.

  2. The worst part is that the bill for this terrible crap comes out of the pockets of Chicago residents. A more fair way of dealing with this is to cause the burden of bad laws to be inflicted upon the ones who wrote them. Write an oppressive, totalitarian law? You get to pay the legal fees when the butcher’s bill comes.

    1. The people in chi town keep voting them back into office so I guess this is what they want,lol.

    2. You can’t vote for anyone who isn’t a machine candidate as long as dems control the board of elections.

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