Hat tip to Gateway Pundit / Progressives Today.

Arguing, “if they find it, they’ll play with it,” the narrator implores parents to, “always lock up your guns.”

If they were *really* concerned about child safety, there are lots of other common causes of childhood injury and death to address before we start talking about guns.

And no, we’re not putting up a link to a video of children playing with sex toys.

3 thoughts on “GROSS: Gun grabbers turn to children playing with dildos in latest “lock up your safety” ad”
  1. I thought it was pretty funny myself. Certainly better than the scare tactic “public service” ads that portray a child finding a gun hidden in a shoebox on a closet floor (Really? Who does that?) and killing himself, a sibling or parent. Inappropriate for family viewing? Sure, but I don’t object to encouraging safe storage of firearms around children.

    1. Trouble is, they don’t just want to “encourage” safe storage around children.

      They want to MANDATE safe storage, with severe penalties (like losing your gun rights for life) for violation.

      This mandate is just a step towards the criminalization of ALL gun ownership.

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