The Violence Policy Center has sent out another (yet another) email to their supporters asking them to make a donation to the VPC to help them stay afloat.

Seems the coffers are running a little low/thin/sparse.

Check out the verbiage.  Ignore for a moment how many people were killed in these incidents without guns, or how gun people intervened to stop the attacks, and how quickly these attackers were shut down thanks to good guys with guns intervening:

In Isla Vista, California, a misogynistic killer launches a “war on women.” Armed with three pistols and more than 400 rounds of ammunition, he opens fire near the University of California, Santa Barbara, then engages police in a running gun battle that ends in his death. Three are shot and killed and 13 are wounded.
At Seattle Pacific University in Washington, a shooter, armed with a shotgun and over 50 additional shells, walks into a school building and opens fire. When he stops to reload, a student building monitor sprays him with pepper spray and subdues him with the help of fellow students. One is killed and two are wounded.
In Las Vegas, a married couple, with anti-government views and a hatred of police, go on a shooting spree. Three are shot and killed before the couple’s lives are ended. Two of the dead are Las Vegas Metropolitan Police officers gunned down as they eat their lunch in a restaurant. The third, a concealed handgun permit holder who attempts to confront the husband in a Walmart, is shot from behind by the killer’s spouse.
In Troutdale, Oregon, a 15-year-old student, carrying hundreds of rounds of ammunition, opens fire with an AR-15 assault rifle at the local high school. He shoots and kills a fellow student and wounds a teacher before taking his own life.
In the face of this carnage, it’s clear that doing nothing is not an option. The Violence Policy Center will push for effective gun violence prevention policies that not only will help stop public shootings like these, but reduce the daily toll of gun violence we see across the nation. Can I count on your support?

Eight killed, six wounded in the examples cited by the Violence Policy Center.

Not one mention of an average weekend in Chicago, where inner city violence claims poor, black residents of all ages.  Are inner-city blacks not worthy of mention to further their agenda?

According to Hey Jackass, Chicago has seen 26 people murdered in June (primarily with criminals misusing guns that are strictly regulated in Chicago) and another 189 wounded.  (That’s as of 4:30pm Wednesday…)

Yes, Chicago already has many of these gun control proposals the Violence Policy Center would like to saddle on the entirety of America and one merely has to visit “Chicago Breaking News” to read daily stories of the most horrific criminal misuse of guns that criminals are banned by law from possessing.

We just popped over and lo and behold:

Yeah, I can’t imagine a lot of folks getting all excited about the Violence Policy Center’s lame email fundraising solicitation – unless they are truly the lowest of the low information types (but they usually don’t have a lot of cash).

3 thoughts on “VIOLENCE POLICY CENTER: Some lives are worth more than others…”
  1. Do you think it’s the race of the victims, the lack of sympathetic victims, or simply the existing strict gun control in places like Chicago which leaves the VPC ignoring those deaths?


  2. VPC is floundering and barely in business, give it a little time and they will be down the bowl.

  3. It makes you think that the Liberal Media doesn’t care about the deaths of Black people in America. That seems bigoted to me.

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