Kim Jong-un is a plump little dictator in the land of little, malnourished people.

Some might even go so far as to call him a plump little turd.

He’s made the news, of late, with his bellicose statements in response to an upcoming Hollywood movie due for release in October.

The movie, titled “The Interview”, follows a pair of pop star “journalists” who manage to land an interview with North Korea’s lunatic leader.  The CIA then wants the two celebrity interviewers to help arrange a meeting between Mr. Turd and his maker.

Kim Jong-un fails to find the humor in the plot line and claims the movie, if released, will be an “act of war we will never tolerate”.

We’re doing our part.  Here’s the trailer:




2 thoughts on “SILLY: Kim Jong-un threatens “war” over new Hollywood film “The Interview””
  1. Sadly the people of North Korea will never even know this movie was made, it’s not like he has to worry they will see it. Kim Jong-un is even more of a sack of dog sh@t than daddy and grandpa, may they rot in hell.

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