There were high words of praise for Joseph Wilcox as hundreds mourned his passing at his memorial service Sunday in Las Vegas.

Joseph Wilson’s mother at the memorial service.

Mr. Wilcox was the concealed carry licensee who engaged an active shooter and cop killer at a Walmart store last weekend.  Unfortunately, Mr. Wilcox was shot when the bad guy’s wife approached Mr. Wilcox from behind and killed him before he could fire, proving that while good guys with guns are almost always successful in thwarting criminal attack, there are dangers.

The Associated Press, via Police One, reported:

Sheriff Doug Gillespie eulogized Wilcox as a hero, saying his actions allowed other shoppers to safely leave the store.

“He made the decision to put his life in danger to help hundreds of others in the store,” Gillespie said. “He is a man friends and family and the entire community should be proud of.”

Steve Withey, associate pastor at the GV Christian Center, agreed.

“Joseph exemplifies what it means to fear no evil … His courage is what we honor the most today,” he said.

Las Vegas City Councilman Bob Coffin noted Wilcox, a lifelong Las Vegas resident, was awarded a posthumous Medal of Valor from the council.

“It’s been controversial that Joseph carried a weapon,” he said. “But Joseph followed the rules.”

All photos by AP photographer David Becker.

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