Can you think of a better false-flag operation for Mayor Bloomberg to pull off?

Get a bunch of questionable-looking characters together – people who have the “look” that bigots often attribute to gun owners.

They find a guy who brags about smoking and selling weed on Facebook (henceforth known as “Boots”) and his sedentary lifestyle friend (henceforth known as Pillsbury) – and get them to participate in a new organization called Open Carry Texas.  They tote their guns into commercial businesses and pose for photos while causing the everyday people there a good deal of angst and fear.  I mean, what sensible person carries a rifle into a shop to order a cheeseburger?

Publicly, the group’s mission is to draw attention to legalizing open carry of handguns in the Lone Star State.

Privately, Bloomberg’s chuckling as Open Carry Texas is getting one business after another to announce “no guns” policies to varying degrees.

Open Carry Texas couldn’t be a better, false-flag operation for Bloomberg’s crew.

Oh yeah, here’s Pillsbury and Boots from a couple of weeks ago:

13 thoughts on “OPEN CARRY TEXAS: Open Carry Asshats working for Bloomberg?”
  1. Working for bloomberg? Or is it “with”.
    The NRA just called the CARRYING of RIFLES “weird”.
    Lol @ the NRA, sounding more and more like the Brady bunch each and every day.

    1. And this, ladies and gents, is one of’s moderators…


    2. Even if it’s not an official “false flag” operation, and we can just chalk it up to high levels of stupidity … there are sure a lot of kool-aid drinkers showing support for this crap.

      Hint: Look around you. Our “rights” have been shredded across the board. NO ONE in the middle, who we need on our side to prevent further erosion (or God-forbid actually regaining) our rights is anything but horrified by these stunts. The only “awareness” these folks are raising has negative consequences. Results matter more than intentions. Ask CA how they feel about open carry getting completely wiped out by such in-your-face stunts …

      The funny thing about reality is that it really doesn’t care what you think about it. Forget what you think “should” be – we’re past that. These stunts are HURTING THE CAUSE! Stop it!

  2. Those mums looking for action are getting desperate as they waste away B’s money with no results. I’ve been wondering when the false flag operations would begin.

    I think you called this one correctly. Expect more.

  3. Make no mistake about it, winning hearts and minds politically is key to preserving our right to bear arms long term. Getting more kids and soccer moms into shooting is a winning strategy. The losing strategy is to alienate and scare voters with images of men with assault rifles running around their grocery store. I do not know how many times I have complained about a group or cause shoving an issue or behavior in my face. The photos above fit exactly into that category of in your face political statements. Bad move.

  4. I don’t know if is this is a Bloomberg false flag operation or not as Jon as suggested.

    I do know there is a legitimate Texas Open Carry movement that is very careful on how they organize rallies.
    There also so appears to be some provocateurs that like going into businesses and scaring the hell out of people. Maybe these are the people Jon is calling Bloomberg’s false flaggers.

    It does seem like the provocateurs get a lot of press coverage.

    That said I don’t not agree with the NRA calling the actions of Texas open Carry weird.

    Why not call out the provocateurs instead of denying open carry rights.

    I don’t see eye to eye with the NRA and their support for the FOID card and the 68GCA and now it seems they are abandoning open carry by calling gun owners that open carry rifles weird.

    In my opinion the NRA lacks an understanding of Liberty. Remember when the NRA said “NO” NRA member should belong to a militia.

    1. It should read… That said I DO not agree with the NRA calling the actions of Texas open carry weird.

      I will try to do a better jog proof reading my own comments next time

  5. Personally, I do not understand why anyone would want to open carry. If I were going to rob a store, bank, etc. and I saw an individual open carrying, that would be my first target. Unless the point of these people is to draw fire away from the rest of us, then ok. I would rather conceal and engage with the element of surprise. Remember the American revolution? We did not win by engaging with the enemy openly. We won by using subterfuge. Guerrilla tactics usually defeat superior force.

    I am not against open carry, to each his own. In fact, I open carry when I’m out in the woods, fishing, hiking, etc. I just find it unnecessary in public and it is not helping the cause of gun rights.

  6. The purpose of the Texas Open Carry movement is to acclimate people to seeing guns and to open a dialog into a Bill of Rights Culture.

    Please remember we are talking about people from Texas where men are men and women are women and they know how to tell the difference not Illinois (the pussy state)

  7. I don’t mind open carry – of handguns. It can serve a good purpose, done well. Having said that, it’s not for me as it requires an elevated sense of vigilance without a good retention holster.

    These guys are doing advocacy all wrong.

    When what you are doing is setting back your cause, you’re doing it wrong.

    These guys have done more with a handful of (well-meaning, to give them the benefit of the doubt) “activists” in terms of pulling back the welcome mat to gun owners that Bloomberg has been able to do spending tens, if not hundreds of millions against gun rights.


    They need to stop.

    If the OCT boys want to cut up their NRA membership cards, that’s fine by me. If they aren’t smart enough to figure out that they are screwing things up, they aren’t people I would want to be around anyway.


  8. I totally support OC. HOWEVER, the strategy they’re using to ‘normalize’ it has resulted in half a dozen chains restricting OC in their businesses due not to the Mommies but instead because of the stupidity of individuals like Pillsbury and Boots. Now LESS people will see/support OC because of it.

    I don’t think it’s a false flag but I do think they have their heads up their rectums while yelling ‘shall not be infringed’.

  9. Our “meme” should be: “everybody has odd relatives they’re ashamed of, and we’re stuck with them”.

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