What do you expect from the guy who was our Twitter hashtag diplomacy President’s chief of staff for a few years?

Symbolism over substance carries through to Rahm Emanuel’s kick off of the Summer of Faith and Action” campaign against Chicago’s inner-city violence.

Chicago (Sun-Times) – Dozens of events across the city Friday evening kicked off a Chicago anti-violence push called, “A Summer of Faith and Action.”

The events were spearheaded by churches, community groups and city agencies and the activities included community marches, prayer vigils, block club parties, “positive loitering” and various sports activities aimed at teens.

Mayor Rahm Emanuel appeared at three of the events, telling a crowd in Pilsen, “Our children in the city of Chicago deserve a childhood with laughter, a childhood with play, a childhood that replaces the familiarity of gunfire with the familiarity of friendship.”

Until and unless Chicago tackles the problem of fatherless families – particularly fatherless black families embracing the hip-hop, gangsta lifestyle – nothing’s going to change.

About the best we can do is to empower the law-abiding members of Chicago with gun ownership and the training to use those firearms safely and effectively to defend themselves against rampant violent crime.

Expedite the issuance of Cook County license to carry applications as well would help deter criminal violence against innocent members of the public.

So, how effective was Emanuel’s Friday “Summer of Faith and Action” meetings?

The tally from this weekend:

Total Homicides:  8

Shot and wounded:  22

(Credit:  Hey Jackass:  Illustrating Chicago Values)

In other words, it was an epic failure.  Like so many of Emanuel’s policies.

Yet there’s no bloody shirt waving from the gun control establishment as 1) Chicago already has strict gun control which is proving itself a failure with each passing day/week/month and 2) the victims aren’t particularly appealing to the media or the public at large in the sense it’s often scumbag on scumbag crime.






2 thoughts on “Rahm Emanuel kickes off anti-violence “Summer of Faith and Action””
  1. If Rahm is serious about cleaning up Chitcago he would resign and take that drunken worthless failure of a police supt. McCarthy with him.

    1. I agree Rahm needs to leave and take the rest of the clowns with him.
      I am asking the question, does chicago still matter?
      Yes i know the city still wields tremendous power but the city is broke people are leaving. Talk show host’s are calling Chicago a failed city ran by corrupt people. In the end the city will become the Illinois version of Detroit. Chicago is a joke!!!!

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