Imagine if Rahm had proposed these restrictions on book stores?  Would it pass muster?

Or churches?

CHICAGO (AP) — Mayor Rahm Emanuel has proposed an ordinance that would largely limit where gun stores could open in Chicago.

The Chicago Sun-Times reports Monday that the proposed ordinance would use special-use zoning to keep gun shops out of 99.5 percent of Chicago. Stores couldn’t be within 500 feet of a school or park.

A federal judge in January ruled that Chicago’s ban on gun stores was unconstitutional. The court gave the city until July 14 to approve gun store restrictions.

3 thoughts on “Chicago’s Mayor Rahm just doesn’t get it: Proposes more unconstitutional restrictions on gun stores…”
  1. I propose that they videotape every voter registration in Chicago and require registration staff to undergo training from a federal officer to identify potentially deceased voters.

  2. DM… your comment makes more sense than video taping gun sales. The Chicago machine is built on election fraud.
    Just a question but does chicago still matter?
    We are on the verge of a total social and economic collapse. Prepare now while you still can. Food is the key!

    1. Bill, I hear you and don’t disagree. If an economic or societal collapse were to happen, millions of people would die. Who knows what would rush in to fill the power vacuum. It may not be possible to prevent such a disaster, given the corruption and deceit in our government. But, I would argue that we need to try.

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