Two young thugs took a liking to a man’s Mercedes and thought they would expropriate it – and the owner’s wallet – for their own amusement.

Their plans went badly awry when they suffered a sudden and profound error in their victim selection process in that their victim was an armed ex-cop, according to a story in the New York Post.

Thug #1, Manuel Ocampo, 20, took a round to the face at close range.   Ouch.  That had to hurt.

Police found Ocampo’s gun still in his hand when they arrived.  Paramedics tried to save the oxygen thief’s life, but failed.

Ocampo’s 18-year-old partner was caught moments later.


7 thoughts on “BOOM! HEADSHOT: NYC carjacking plan goes awry for perps”
    1. I’m assuming they’re drawing the distinction because this happend in New York City. The “armed civilian, carrying legally” is a unicorn in the may-issue state of NY – so the only people w/ permits are the celebrities, the politically connected, or the “armed ex-cops”.

  1. Just a few weeks back in NYC an unlicensed armed civilian chased down, shot and killed two armed carjackers. Instead of giving him a medal he’s sitting in jail charged with 2 counts of murder.

    One wonders which is of more value these days. A college education or a badge. A degree will get you a good job, but a badge will let you get away with anything.

    1. When you chase people down and shoot them it’s called “murder”. They may be street thugs, but as soon as you pull the trigger YOU ARE TOO.

      You have the right (and in some cases the duty) to defend yourself and others WHEN IN IMMEDIATE DANGER. You do not have the right to make yourself judge and executioner.

  2. Like to know more about that 2nd incident,were the thugs in the mans car, or were they running away from him after they saw his gun?

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