by Thom M.

Hello.  My name is Thom and I live in Clinton, IL.

I went to Jimmy John’s today.  It is co-located in the Shell station and noticed the Anti-2nd Amendment “NO GUNS” sign on the door.

I asked the Jimmy John’s employees about the sign and they said it was the Shell owner’s sign and that Randy Martin, the JJ franchisee, had no objections.

Mr. Martin also owns the Monicals pizza and the Dairy Queen restraints in town, neither of which have the sticker.

When I asked the girl behind the Shell counter about it, she seemed as if I weren’t the first to mention it. I handed her one of our No guns = No money cards and she gave me the phone number of the regional manager’s phone number.

His name is Jim and his phone number is (815)830-2842.

I spoke to him politely and he told me that the store is owned by MKM marketing and the presidents name is Rick Marketti and his phone number is (815) 237-0100.

When he finally returned my call, I was told that “if someone comes in his store and starts shooting up the place, and I return fire as a legal CCW holder, you won’t be sued, I will.”

What I heard was “I don’t care how many people get killed, my money is more important.”

Feel free to call the numbers and share with these gents your thoughts on their “NO GUNS” signage.  Let’s help educate gun owners so they can make an informed decision as to whether or not to support these anti-gun business owners.

The above listed phone numbers are, as you know, “north of I-80”.  I told him that we are a small town of mostly independent hunter types and we “cling to our guns and religion” but he was unphased.

Thanks for your time, effort and quality magazine

7 thoughts on “NO GUNS sign adventures: Shell Station in Clinton, IL”
  1. Clinton is a small enough down state town to effectively boycott those businesses. Put the word out and Mr. Marketti will soon feel the hurt and will not be too concerned about bogus lawsuits. Money talks.

  2. If we stick together and make sure to get as many as we can onboard this TOTAL boycott we can help them change their mind.

  3. Where did you get your no guns no money cards? I was thinking about ordering some from but wanted someone else’s opinion first.

  4. I got mine at a GSL meeting. I think they sell them for .25 each, although they’ve been known to give them away.


  5. Yep.i just called Mr Marketti. And he does not want the 2nd Amendment exercised in his business. His words were that his lawyer states he will be sued if a gun owner shoots someone. The only guns he wants to see are from the police. He went on to talk about his property was to be treated like federal property. So I’d have to say unfortunately he appears to be more concerned about his money than customers and employee lives. Really sad and scary. Definitely a place to stay away from.

  6. A second thoufht. Just wondering if anyone has called Mr Marketti and asked him to provide armed security guards at his business to protect us. I’d call back but he may try to get me on harassment. After all he did say to think of his establishments as that of federal or state. He should then provide protection as such.

    1. What would stop a patron from suing Mr. Marketti if they were shot or injured during a robbery that happened to occur at his establishment which prevented persons from protecting themselves?

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