Reality is nothing like official media story delivered by Chicago Police Department Superintendent Garry “Streetlight Assassin” McCarthy and his public spokesmen minions.

Let us compare the completely fictional claims of CPD with reality, shall we?

After 4 months, fewer shootings but two more murders than 2013

(Sun-Times) – The first four months of 2014 were marked with fewer shooting incidents and victims, but saw two more murders compared with the same period in 2013, according to police.

From January through the end of April, there were 12 fewer shooting incidents than the same period in 2013, Chicago Police spokesman Adam Collins said in a statement early Thursday. There can be more one shooting victim per incident.

Also, four fewer people have been shot this year compared with the first four months of 2013, Collins said, and 210 fewer compared with the same period in 2012.

And reality.

Courtesy of HeyJackass, via Second City Cop.

Preliminary totals for April vs (April 2013)
Shot and Wounded: 233 (135)
Total Homicides: 35 (24)


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