When he told her who he was, “Ms. Watts had a considerable change in demeanor”.


Can’t wait to get my picture taken with her!

From Facebook:

Slide Fire Design Director Todd Kauranen made a special trip away from the 2014 NRA show to thank Mrs. Shannon Watts for doing great work. Her unsuccessful campaign to remove our “Pure American” billboard allowed us to reach thousands of potential customers that would have otherwise been unaware of our product. After posing for a picture, Mr. Kauranen made sure to thank her for all the publicity she has given Slide Fire and the firearm industry. Ms. Watts had a considerable change in demeanor and stated that she is “out to shame us.” Mr. Kauranen replied by telling her that “whatever she’s doing, keep it up because it has been doing great.”

Groups that are committed to destroying our freedoms are vastly outnumbered by millions of Americans that are no longer willing to sit by idly. While we extend thanks to those who bring attention to our Second Amendment freedoms by trying to take them away, we are most thankful for those who have finally had enough and decided to voice their support of our freedoms!

5 thoughts on “Shannon Watts gets owned… again.”
  1. Moms are coming to the Holiday Inn Express in Hillside on May 7 for a “Moms night out with a purpose”, according to their facebook page. Looks like you have to register to get tickets. I don’t know if Shannon will be there, but I’ll submit any pictures I can get.

  2. I’d say she’s doing a mighty fine job of wasting Bloomberg’s money in our favor!

  3. Nice tight fitting long sleeve T-shirt. I wouldn’t mind putting my gun on that rack! ;^D

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