Paging all thugs!   Kroger is taking all weapons away from their security staff.


COLUMBUS, Ohio (10TV) – Changes are in the works when it comes to how Kroger stores handle their security.

The grocery chain has confirmed with 10TV that it is in the process of transitioning to unarmed security guards across the company.

…The security company says in the letter that effective March 29, its guards will be “completely unarmed–no weapons, no handcuffs, no chemical repellant, no baton, etc.”

They can use stern words and harsh language to stop bad guys?

Clearly Kroger’s top executives don’t understand that the only thing that stops bad guys with evil in their hearts is a good guy with a gun.

Oh well, I don’t shop at Kroger anyway.  I kinda-sorta pitied the fools who do for a nanosecond before moving on with life.

7 thoughts on “PAGING ALL THUGS: Kroger disarms their security guards”
  1. Well look on the bright side, (our side, Kroger doesn’t seem too bright) so far they haven’t posted signs yet.

  2. Saying “Stop or I’ll say stop again ” just will not do. With the PRICE of bacon , beef and etc exploding in price saying ” the government has cancelled your SNAP card ” should help them to go all in.

  3. Stop! Or I shall be forced to shout “STOP” again!

    That’s funny right there!


  4. Our local Kroger (B-N) was robbed at gunpoint twice. Then the manager (a very nice lady, BTW) hired an off duty LEO to provide security. When the same robber showed up the third time, said LEO shot him. No more robberies since then. Weird.

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