The Moms Demand Action (go to a singles bar, ladies) troupe are out with their latest attempt to create a meme in social media – as though social media participation equates to grassroots advocacy.  The Moms girls have, of course, sold themselves to Bloomberg’s Mayors Against Illegal Guns as they couldn’t generate enough cash on their own to pay their dedicated staff of paid activists.

Their latest propaganda?

Equating gun ownership with cigarette smoking.  It’s from their Facebook page, and no, we’re not going to link to it to drive eyeballs to the page.


To which we say:

4 thoughts on “Moms Demand Action girls are back – with more half-wit propaganda”
  1. If Shannon and her ignorant sisters want to stop “gun violence,” they should go preach to the gang bangers and drug dealers in Los Angeles, Detroit, Oakland and Chicago. Tours of these gun free zones would be most enlightening. Be sure to take just your little signs, ladies. No armed protection allowed.

  2. With all of these psycho-ladies with their uterus in a twist, they should be speaking out on the mental health of women that join causes like this!

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