Get what you pay for? Students at Security Guard College got cheated by a trainer who seemed more interested in cashing checks than providing even the minimum levels of training required.


Here at Guns Save Life, we take a very dim view of instructors who cut corners and fail to provide even the minimal levels of training required by the State of Illinois for the concealed carry licenses.

Enter Security Guard Training out of Chicago.

Their lead instructor, James Andel, was decertified by the Illinois State Police in recent days and all roughly 230 of his former students are having their concealed carry license applications rejected because of insufficient training.

What was he doing?

According to the Security Guard Training website and posts at the Illinois Carry forum, he was offering the NRA’s Basic Pistol class online, in clear violation of NRA policy.  NRA also requires NRA Basic Pistol instructors to provide firearms and ammunition for the live-fire part of that class.

We’ve been on the phone with ISP about a week ago and one of their officers in the CCW unit told us there are a number of investigations underway on instructors who aren’t providing the required training.

Guns Save Life recommends that those who sign up for CCW classes make sure their classes satisfy the law’s requirements.  If the instructor fails to meet those standards, ask them to do so and if they refuse, ask for your money back.

Don’t expect your fellow gun owners to feel sorry for you if you took a 16-hour class that got out in 8-hours with a wink and a nod only to have your license application rejected three months later because of faulty training – or worse yet, have your license revoked months after it was issued.


10 thoughts on “IL CCW TRAINING: Security Guard Training courses rejected by ISP”
  1. Very disappointing. He was certified on the ISP website when I took the class. Now he isn’t and I’m denied. Hope he has to issue refunds as part of his agreement. The worst part is he was very sure of himself. Smug at best. Look at James Andel now.

    1. If you or anyone you know was defrauded by James Andel, I am offering a COMPLETE 100% legit FULL 16 hour class. If you can show me a certificate that you took the phony class with them. I will do the entire 16 Hours for $100 that basically covers my rent and range for your class.

      You can look us up on our website

      we are licensed by the state and fully insured you can even look my name up on the ISP website.

      Again this only applies to those duped in Bolingbrook

      please let anyone else who was a victim of fraud by these fools that they are welcome to this offer as well.

      Please share with family and friends and anyone who may have been trained by this clown

  2. This is why I went with a reputable bunch of instructors from GSL Defense Training who have been teaching classes for a long time.

    I have limited sympathy for those who knew their training wasn’t meeting state standards. It’s pretty hard not to recognize your class is non-compliant when you’re spending 8 hours in what’s supposed to be a 16-hour class.


    1. Sam, I’m not sure what the point is of your posted comments other than pour salt in the wounds. James Andel was listed as a certified instructor with the proper training materials on the ISP website. 327 people were defrauded by him. Nobody is asking for or needs your sympathy. We followed the rules, checked his credentials as did the ISP to certify him. This is the single biggest case of fraudulent training. And for the record, every instructor on the ISP is “reputable” until they are decertified like the 13 folks on the list of shame.

  3. I signed up for the class from Pro Bass Shop in Bolingbrook. James Andel was my instructor. We had 8 hours of instruction at the Holiday Inn – completed all the training videos (about 2 hours) and spent another 6 hours at the shooting range. What is Pro Bass Shop going to do about refunds and retaining. I spent 2 days with this instructor and now told by the ISP I’m not trained? Someone owes me money and pay me for my time.

  4. I also called the ISP to confurm he was a certified trainer and they said yes, go to the class he is good. I now have to spend more money to retrain and i had military dd-214 to take off 8 hours wtf..

  5. I’ve heard comments from ISP that the only instructors left standing when the dust settles is ISP instructing on the side and businesses with political influence. Illinois didn’t want ccw. They sure are making this work to their benefit. Demonize the little guy, make ISP the hero. Win win Illinois… Way to go!

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