As we wrote a little over a month ago, Piers Morgan got dumped by MSNBC.

He delivered his last miserable episode Friday evening, subjecting his 314 viewers to one last dose of his funny accent and limited intellect.

He closed his show not with an upbeat message about greatness and inspiration, but rather with a whiny tirade about so-called scourge of violence involving guns, lamenting the impotence of gun control advocates like him to overcome the strength of Americans’ beliefs in liberty and freedom.

4 thoughts on “GONE: Douche Morgan says goodbye with parting gun control rant”
  1. Correction, CNN dumped him. However, MSNBC might want to look at picking him up. He would fit right in over there, and might actually increase their ratings average. Sure couldn’t make it any worse.
    Knowing the hole that he is though, he might be bucking for a gig at Al Jazeera America.

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