The Illinois Association of Realtors is treading on some very thin ice with their recommendations on posting “NO GUNS” signage.

As conscientious gun owners, it will be up to us to let those bigots who oppose our right to self-defense feel the pinch of lost business and lost profits for their anti-gun prejudices.

From the IAR newsletter.  Our thoughts in red.  Bold emphasis added.

Q:  What do I need to be concerned about with regard to the new Illinois concealed carry law as it relates to my real estate brokerage practice?

A: That is a good question. You will need to know what your own office policy is and whether your sponsoring brokerage company allows concealed carry within your office. If so, the person who possesses a valid concealed carry license could bring his or her gun into your office so long as it is being carried according to the statutes in a partially or fully concealed manner. On the other hand, if your office has adopted a no concealed carry policy, then the office entrance needs to have a 4”X 6” sign that indicates the no concealed carry policy. The sign is available at the Illinois State Police website []. Check with your managing broker as to your office policy.

If your office has adopted a no concealed carry policy, they won’t be getting conscientious gun owners’ business.

With regard to your seller/landlord clients, you should find out what their policy is with regard to showings and open houses. While homeowners are not required to post the no concealed carry sign even if they have a no concealed carry policy, prudence might dictate that the owner post a sign for showings or open houses so that it is clear that any prospect must store his weapon elsewhere and not bring it with him into the property.

Wanting to discourage the law-abiding, card-carrying good guys from looking at a property you’re trying to sell?  That makes a lot of sense!

Finally, you should consider what your personal policy is with regard to your own vehicle. For example, you need to determine whether you will allow a consumer who might be riding in your car to carry a concealed weapon or not.

If my gun’s not welcome in your business/car/presence, then neither is my money and I’ll be delighted to take it where all of the above are welcome.

This topic was covered in the Feb. 27, 2014, IAR Legal Webinar, “Concealed Carry and the Real Estate Brokerage,” available for download to IAR members at

4 thoughts on “Illinois Association of Realtors looking to cut their own throats”
  1. They will be selling prime targeted property locations. Properly marked with broken door frames, putty over the bullet holes and strong bars on the windows, chalk or taped body forms on the floor.

  2. They have a right to their misguided opinion.
    But, like many of my friends, I vote with my dollars.


  3. Interesting, especially in light of the fact that I have spoken to several realtors about getting their ccl because they sometimes go into sketchy neighborhoods to show properties. One young lady was assaulted when she went to show a vacant property.

    1. I agree, If I were a pretty woman going into a vacant home for a showing with someone I knew very little about, I’d be carrying. Only makes good sense to me and I would think it would make sense to any realtor.

      I don’t get it. People need education and familiarity with firearms. The police would only be on scene to write the report and clean up the mess. A gun, may just save their life or prevent the assault.

      Both my parents are retired realtors. And stories of such assaults on unsuspecting realtors are out there.

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