America’s only Muslim in Congress, Democrat Keith Ellison, said last weekend that he really wished his party would come out to eliminate the Second Amendment.

How American, right?  Maybe he wants to eliminate professional football and baseball as well?

And will apple pie be safe after that?

(Townhall) –  During an appearance over the weekend on HBO’s Real Time with Bill Maher, Minnesota Rep. Keith Ellison said he wishes Democrats would come out in opposition to the Second Amendment. Before the admission, Ellison listed off a number of “common sense” ways we can reduce “gun violence,” which is typical of anti-gun advocates. He also stated, “I don’t think you have to got eliminate ownership of all guns in order to get some common sense gun rules,” and made a cringe worthy comment about a 30-round “clip” when he should have said “magazine.”

Maher responded and pointed out his solutions wouldn’t get anywhere, called common sense gun safety bulls*it and asked why Democrats won’t simply come out against the Second Amendment. Ellison responded by saying, “I wish they would,” right after claiming we don’t have to “eliminate ownership of all guns in order to get some common sense gun rules.”

7 thoughts on “Democrat Keith Ellison wishes Democrats would eliminate the 2nd Amendment”
  1. Of all the countries in the world, why would this low-information politician bother to live in America? As far as I am concerned, this anti-constitution dimwit and any politician, citizen, or otherwise that feels the same can go live in any country that does not have a right to keep and bear arms. Perhaps they would feel more comfortable in Cuba, N. Korea

  2. can’t we send this person on a fact finding tour about fracking causing the civil war in Syria.

  3. I think that most democrats. At least. No. 1 democrat
    Have pretty much committed to being against the second amendment

  4. This from a religion that is the most intolerant in the world. The Muslims worldwide are armed with automatic weapons and devoted to exterminate every nonbelievers worldwide and he wants Americans disarmed,what idiots elected this person to office. Another reason to question the voters in their intelligence and wise use of their vote

  5. Did I read this right? Bill Maher is also wanting the 2nd Amendment done away? If that is true, then maybe “we the people” need to stop paying any attention to this man!

    1. most people I know have never paid attention to Maher, except to point out what an idiot he is occasionally. The problem is that so many low-information Obama voters get their “news” from him, they think he’s the new Walter Cronkite.

    2. He is the “new Walter Cronkite”, the old one was just as libiot, just didn’t let it show like J. Stewart.

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