Chicago (Tribune) – Chicago police Superintendent Garry McCarthy on Wednesday said the number of shootings, particularly gang-related ones, has dropped sharply in the first 2 ½ months of 2014.

At a news conference at a police station in the Englewood neighborhood, one of the city’s most violent over the years, McCarthy downplayed the harsh winter season as a factor, instead crediting crime-fighting strategies he has initiated over the last year and a half.

Emphasis added.

Let’s see what Garry “Streetlight Assassin” McCarthy has to say a month or two after the weather warms up markedly.

It’ll be amusing to watch him make excuse after excuse, stammering and stuttering the whole time.





4 thoughts on “Chicago Police Head Garry McCarthy claims credit for downturn in violence”
  1. What a idiot but that is Chicago or as I call it nomination land. They get what they deserve cause they vote the jerks in Tim’s again

  2. The only thing this drunken bum can take credit for is earning the nickname of ” a**hole ” from CPD officers.

  3. tHIS GUY is about as dumb as a box of blondes! He really doesn’t know that the seasons change and the ANIMALS come out when it warms? Isn’t he from New York? Does he just think chitcago is a different world?

    Yeah, John, republish this when the murder rate in chitcago in May/June hits all-time highs. What’ll the fat moronic murderer of light bulbs have to say then?

  4. How about the Garry McCarthy incident St. Patrick’s Day 1985? Returning the 46th Precinct as a Sergeant, drunk. He takes out his gun and starts shooting out streetlights. He pleaded guilty to it in admin hearings.

    Garry is a buffoon who took credit for so many things he had nothing to do with, and Police Commish Howard Safir absolutely fell in love with him. Over that silly and cost-prohibitive “Model Block” program. He acted like he cleaned up a city block in Washington Heights, 33rd Precinct. Police Commish Howard Safir, meanwhile, gave him virtually unlimited resources. Officers coming on overtime from all over New York City, sometimes, 15 cops per shift, to police one block. Of course that block will clean up, but at what cost? Safir acted like Garry saved the world, yet Garry never admitted that he had been given unlimited and unprecedented help in that Model Block fiasco. Anyway, what did he accomplish? Go look at West 163rd Street today. It’s a complete mess, far worse than when he was there. And yet Garry looks at it like “See? Nobody could accomplish cleaning up that block but me!” He’ll never acknowledge that he was Safir’s little boy who gave him unlimited resources. Garry is not what he proclaims to be. Guns are racist? Is that why you pulled one out and started shooting street lights out?

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