Here’s a rather entertaining video of a young thug trying to commit an armed carjacking in broad daylight.

The driver of the vehicle was also armed, and unlike the punk, he knew how to use his firearm.

It’s interesting to see just how quickly the punk’s body quit working after suffering rapid and promiscuous perforations.

12 thoughts on “HOT LEAD SUPPLEMENTS: Young carjacker’s career truncated”
  1. Hell doesn’t have those OHSA signs for CAPACITY #### ? cause I think they may have got another thug nation member.

  2. another one bites the dust…..
    There is a second man coming around the corner just as shooting commences. Wondering if he was a cohort, or just happened on the incident.

    1. He looked like he was armed, but didn’t want to stick around for the festivities.


  3. He tried to get a ride in a Jeep and ended up getting a ride in a hearse !!!! way to go dumb ass.

  4. Another SOO (Son of O’Blowme)!

    Now that, ladies and gents, is a GOOD shooting!!!

    NO cops breaking and entering. No cops killing when they don’t have to. A good armed American protecting his own life, correctly!

  5. A little research shows this happened a year ago in Venezuela. It’s sad that the man defending himself felt it right to fire off another round, which might have been the bullet that took the hoodlum’s life. The hoodlum will not be reformed, will not repent, and will not work to reduce violence in his community.

    1. Right, he was just getting ready to turn good and start being a role model for the community. just one last armed carjacking. grow up you dumb f***ing liberal.

    2. Consider that the incident celebrated on “guns save life . com” is a death. This sort of attitude is what scares liberals and moderates like myself into supporting gun control…

    3. Jeremy, I had hoped you initial comment about rehab/community advocacy for the perp in the video was sarcasm, but your recent reply shows you were “serious.”. Empirical evidence across multiple criminological and sociological studies have show that incarceration does not “rehabilitate” a criminal, rather it hardens them, shapes the and helps the perfect their chosen craft of illicit activity by exchanging best practices with others of their ilk as well ad forming professional networks. There is little to no evidence of any positive results of the penal system’s methods in creating more productive or useful citizens. Your statement that you see this site as celebrating death just shows how committed you are to the liberal-progressive world view you are even though you self-identify as a “moderate.”

      The entry and replies are celebrating the fact that an individual was able to protect himself and his property from an unproductive low-life. The fact that his actions also protected future potential victims of the perp is an added bonus, especially since in this case society is not burdened with trying to figure out what to do with the criminal.

    4. ok, comrade liberal. when the feral “yoots” that dont get lit up by law abiding citizens defending themselves but get caught and are “rehabilitated” and released, they get to bunk with you and your families(that includes wives, daughters, etc). and when the skull men are about to abuse the female members of your family with you being forced to watch before they behead you, tell me that if your armed neighbors came to assist you that you would tell them to get the fuck out of your house with and to take their evil weapons with them, tell me, i really want to know.

  6. This is a good example of how alert and aware one needs to be. The potential victim was incredibly alert, as though he were expecting exactly what the scum bag was planning to do.

    Celebrate death? Not hardly, but we do celebrate the fact that there is one less thug on the street that could be trouble for the rest of us.

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