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Dear Front Sight (Dr. Piazza):

I joined up on 07/2012 (I believe in response to an “incredible limited lifetime membership offer” or the like).  Since then, I’ve received over 660 membership enhancement solicitation emails (and a total of 926 emails, give or take any I’ve forgotten to track, as illustrated below).  I used to think the NRA renewal mail was bad!  Not so bad now that I’m a Lifetime Member.  I’m wondering if there’s any way I can ask to quit getting the membership solicitation emails, short of unsubscribing entirely from Front Sight newsletters.  How about if I promise to consider an upgrade if/when I fully retire and move from Illinois to the desert southwest – somewhere remotely close to southern Nevada when I might really GO there?

I’m a retired police officer and firearms instructor who continues to follow and support our joint 2nd Amendment interests.  I share and occasionally write about the same matters you forward (news videos, self-defense issues, pro-gun agenda blogging, etc.).  I appreciate the info (such as yesterday’s news on the lady defending herself in Detroit when the dirtbag held a gun to her head).  There are other sources for this, but I do appreciate your incredible efforts on our behalf.

However, I am still working full time, and I simply cannot keep up with your email barrage – particularly about membership enhancement.  I have received literally hundreds of “last chance” offers to go to the Diamond membership, etc., and I’m simply not interested (not to mention I’ve never seen so many “last chance” claims that aren’t – you’re apparently not worried about crying wolf).  If my lack of responding to the first several hundred offers didn’t somehow communicate that, maybe this email affirmatively stating so can achieve that?  I also would note you are the ONLY membership in my entire lifetime to robo-call my personal cellphone with attempts to get me to buy an enhanced membership.

I see the following message at the bottom of all of Dr. Piazza’s messages:

Front Sight Firearms Training Institute is committed to the best email practices and has been accredited by the Institute for Spam and Internet Public Policy as meeting the requirements for listing in their SuretyMail IADB Email Accreditation Program.

Our IADB registration number is 2007043000543. For more information see


If you received this newsletter in error or don’t want to receive emails from us, please click here to unsubscribe.

This Email Newsletter was sent to: xxxxxxxxx on 2/26/2014 1:41:16 PM.

Really?  I’m sure you’re in compliance with the “best email practices” as enumerated by the Institute for Spam and Internet Public Policy, but that apparently “ain’t sayin’ much.”

Front Sight emails I’ve archived since joining on 7/2012 (random categorization):

116 general (these include the newsy self-defense and pro-gun stuff – much appreciated!)
15 at home training
21 instructors wanted
43 Membership Solicitation (gen’l)
184 Ambassador membership pushing
14 Diamond membership pushing
69 Diamond pushing (2nd round)
47 Executive lifetime membership pushing
285 miscellaneous come-ons for membership enhancement
8 new immediate response ploys
11 nutty watch offers
6 private training opportunity scheme
5 NY shooting
3 Piazza jokes
66 training points
33 videos of attacks and related

926  TOTAL

So, between 650 – 700 of these are directly geared towards making you money.  I get it.  You didn’t get to be a millionaire by sitting still, and the mission of getting everyone in America armed and trained is a huge one.  I’m on your side in that mission.  But how many people have to frightened AWAY with this approach?  Maybe it’s like an email scam where as long as you get some level of response from the sheer volume of email solicitation . . . ??

Oh well, if you can’t take me off JUST the enhanced membership solicitation list without my completely unsubscribing, I guess I’ll have a decision to make – which I know you respect as a Libertarian and freedom-loving American!

2 thoughts on “Dear Front Site: STOP SPAMMING ME!”
  1. I will agree that the marketing is over the top. However, the training is top notch. I made the trip last year and going back next week.

  2. Huh…..when he isn’t busy with front sight he must run the credit card company that calls me every other day with my “last and final” chance to lower my interest rate!!!!! I do stay on the phone and have some fun. Sometimes I blow a whistle in their ear :-))If I am bored and have more time, I get creative 🙂

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