Weerd at Weer’d World would like to have a national discussion, but not necessarily completely about guns.

Instead, he’s asking for a discussion regarding the disproportionate – massively disproportionate – representation of blacks in crime stats.

There seems to be a cultural problem among black families in America.  Perhaps there’s too much dead-end “hip hop” / “gangster” culture, or perhaps it’s too many fatherless families or any number of a host of issues.

Blaming guns for the violence committed by these young men is not going to make this problem go away.

Anyway, here is a clip from Weerd Beard’s post:

Still I’d like to step into dangerous waters for a second. The antis keep crowing that we need a “National Discussion on Guns”. Well we had that over a decade ago, and people decided that guns were something we should embrace, not shun. The public safety numbers show this was 100% the correct move, even if you don’t believe in a natural right to defensive arms.

Still there is something we need to have a national discussion on:

I don’t mean this in any coy or agenda-based way, I also have no idea about solutions to this. I do believe this shouldn’t be a “Dirty racist discussion”.

Why are blacks such a massively disproportionate representation of violent crime numbers, despite their minority status? Why is it the most dangerous states the ones with the greatest black populations?

I would say there is a cultural problem with violence, but I see no easy way to tackle this problem. But I don’t think it should be the do-not-touch topic it is.

2 thoughts on “How about a national discussion on black violence?”
  1. I’ve known many black people in my life that I was proud to have as friends. they came from good loving 2 parent homes where going to work everyday and making your life into something was what you did. I’ve known teachers, cops, military persons, and some good honest blue collar guys as well, all black and there when you need them.

    This other black culture of drugs , gangs and violence solely exists because massive amounts of black youths have ZERO family support and no father figure. to the mothers they were an accident or a way to get more public aid and they are on their own from day one. ( this is according to my black friends that harp on this alot ). Nobody likes to be alone in the world so guess who takes the place of the non existent family ??? THE GANGS, and once they get in they get all kinds of money, women, dope and all that stuff till someone kills them for that stuff or they kill someone and go to prison.

    Notice you won’t see Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton doing anything about this because there is no money to be made doing so.

  2. if you make a honest post on this subject you are a bigot and a racist. Allow me to state that I judge a individual by their actions.We all have dreams desires and most have goals and most positively we ALL BLEED one color RED.Many of my friends of every color never came home from SouthEast Asia and I lost my son because of Iraq so quit with the cheap and let’s deal in reality and try to fix the same problem

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